Release Date: 26th of May, 2010

Change log for the Logger's Point Update.

Note: This was the first update made by Expansive Worlds after the acquisition of theHunter from Emote.

New Environment

  • Logger's Point - 5 square miles of new playable areas

New Animals

  • Feral Hog
  • Blacktail Deer

New Equipment

  • Hog hunting scent
  • Blacktail buck urine spray
  • Blacktail doe urine spray
  • Lever action rifle scope


  • The Shooting ranges now have wooden platforms. When standing on them and shooting, no ammo is used and no statistics are updated. You cannot harm animals while standing on the platform.
  • Turkey scorecard now exists
  • Track color option! - There is now a dropdown box at the bottom of the settings app where you can select red or blue track indicators.


  • "Prone aiming". It is now possible to aim downwards (still restricted at a certain angle).
  • All animals are now registred, even outside of render range.
  • Animals never spawn at the same position twice.
  • Animals killed in the water should float and be washed ashore.
  • Coyotes don't scare other animals as much.
  • In the statistics page, the column "Number of kills" showed the number of confirmed kills. The column is now called "Confirmed kills".
  • The bow has been tweaked.
  • Minor changes to Whitehart spawnmap. There should now be a little more animals on the southern island.
  • The 4x32 rifle scope has a new reticle.
  • Animals don't leave bedding clues when dead
  • Fixed a bug causing clue highlights to remain after restarting at lodge or campsite.
  • The turkey skinning has been fixed ( rendering ).
  • The hunting towers' sound are now woody.
  • Only calm animals call.
  • Animals don't walk/trott in circles after being scared.
  • Lever action rifle sound fix.
  • The elk cows are a little more alert.
  • Animals are generally nervous a longer period of time.
  • Animals are a a bit more alert when nervous.
  • Removed sound indicator in the hunter mate. There's now a "paw"-icon for clue registering insted of the previous red dot.
  • Turkeys have spurs on their legs.
  • Animals should be able to get closer to the towers without getting spooked.
  • Reworked all deer textures (fur colours and variation tweaked and variations added).
  • Added a message box if the game cannot connect to the server, instead of just shutting down.
  • Added Elk texture variations.
  • Whitetail doe head/neck proportions tweaked
  • Improved footstep on stone sound.
  • Added a rainbow to the weather system.
  • Improved texture skinning on the player's arms.
  • Animals shot in the water float towards land + Increased the confirm kill range when near the sea.
  • Decals are visible at a greater distance and stay for a longer time.
  • The Huntermate is rendered slightly smaller.
  • Improved cheat prevention.
  • ...and many minor tweaks and bug fixes.
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