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The Reindeer (Caribou) was a long awaited animal and was added to the game on August 28, 2014.


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The reindeer (Rangifer tarandus), also known as caribou in North America, is a species of deer native to Arctic, Subarctic, tundra, boreal and mountainous regions. This includes both sedentary and migratory populations. While overall widespread and numerous, some of its subspecies are rare and at least one has already gone extinct. Antlers are typically larger in males.

Hunting of wild reindeer and herding of semi-domesticated reindeer (for meat, hides, antlers, milk and transportation) are important to several Arctic and Subarctic peoples. The reindeer is well known in folklore due to Santa Claus's sleigh being pulled by flying reindeer, a popular element of Christmas. In Lapland, reindeer pull pulks.



The Reindeer is the first animal that follows the rules of Animal Migration.


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Caller reindeer rattle
Reindeer Rattle

Hunting Tactics

Trophy reindeer

Trophy Reindeer bull from Helgest scoring 720.103

Often requested and finally added to the game, the Reindeer offers a challenge that most might not have expected. The Reindeer follows the rules of Animal Migration. Many of the tactics that you have been using no longer work for this Nordic species. With the animals that never leave the reserve you can know that if you play well, you can eventually find most animals sooner or later. The Reindeer that came in on one end of the map however will wander across the border on the other end.

The Reindeer follows the rules of Animal Migration. Like waterfowl, some animals will spawn on the map at the start. There can be single animals here and there, but the majority will roam in groups. The migratory groups consist of one male and between four and six females.

There is camouflage clothing available that provides various advantages specifically against all deer species.

Sense Reduction Values (1 = some; 6 = excellent)

Camo Visual Scent Sound
Boone & Crockett 5 / 6 2 / 6 1 / 6
Doc Monsignor 3 / 6 2 / 6 3 / 6
Army Outfit 5 / 6 2 / 6 1 / 6
Trapper Outfit 3 / 6 4 / 6 1 / 6
Outback Outfit 1 / 6 1 / 6 1 / 6

You will quickly see a big difference when using any of these outfits with the deer species when you have approached them with a regular outfit before. When in prone, the animals will almost step on you before they notice the danger and run. These clothes have the same effect on any map, environment and vegetation, as opposed to certain camouflage clothes which only unfold their advantages when in certain areas such as forests, but provide zero camouflage otherwise.

Holiday sweater There is also a sweater Holiday Sweater available that provides specific protection against watchful Reindeer eyes.

Scent Eliminator and Wind Indicator
This species has a sense of smell and will detect players around them. Especially when upwind, you will see close-by animals stick their nose into the wind, then run away. The Scent Eliminator works against all animals with a sense of smell. Apply it when you want to get close to the animal of your choice. Also, make sure to pay attention to the wind direction by observing objects tossed around or by using Wind Indicator. Use it and follow the smoke with your eyes to see in which direction it is blown. As a general rule of thumb, the wind will blow towards the North-East on all maps. If you are not sure about the wind conditions, apply the Scent Eliminator just in case. It doesn't hurt to use it once too often if you want to be on the safe side and not regularly spook animals by your smell.

Reindeer herds wander in a rather straight path through the reserve mostly not bothering about any objects in their way. Only the few steep parts where players and animals slide down when trying to pass will make the Reindeer turn, but this does not happen very often. The roaming speed is immense. For most animals that you follow you can keep an eye on the dotted or solid circle on the Huntermate. Once you see a solid circle you can be pretty sure the animal is as far away from you as the circle predicts, unless the animals were spooked or went to sleep. For the Reindeer the Huntermate prediction is not accurate. In fact the fast wandering and often trotting deer are about double the distance from you than what the circle indicates. If you ever crouch on the pursuit of a Reindeer herd, you will quickly fall behind. Keep walking until the circle has a radius of about 100-150m before you start calling. The tendons of the Reindeer click when they walk or trot. It is a way to know where the herd is even if they haven't called yet or you haven't detected them visually. Listen for these clicking sounds or for calls from the bulls. The cows' calls cannot be heard well, but the Huntermate will pick them up. If there is no call coming make sure to catch up with a herd before it leaves the reserve. Go really fast (don't run) the first few times to get a feeling for how close they really are compared to the Huntermate information.

If you cannot catch up or realize that the herd is very far ahead already, you can fast travel to a lodge or tent that is ahead of the roaming path, and wait for the herd there. Behave quietly when you arrive, the fast roaming herd might be approaching already, or even be there or beyond.

Use the rattle caller to attract groups or singles if you are aware of them. Only males follow the calls, but they will pull the entire group towards you. The otherwise speedy Reindeer does not approach your call faster than other deer. The more animals there are in a group, the bigger the chance for being detected. As long as you don't know their number, maneuver as if there were many. Stay out of sight and just identify their calls while they come in so you have a constant status update about their position. The male will come straight towards you, and the females will trot around the male. Be careful, their paths are unpredictable. Even when the bull has arrived at the calling location, the cows will constantly trot around, so you need to stay out of their circles.

Field Judging
Both male and female Reindeer have antlers and thus a score. You can find bulls that score lower than the highest scoring cow in a herd. Look for antlers with many ends and large palms. You will however only in rare cases have to distinguish between multiple males, for example when two adjacent herds are attracted by your call, or when you detect them while their herds cross. Otherwise you won't likely see more than one bull in the same place.

Shooting the animal
After luring a herd things can get a bit tricky. There is a certain risk for being detected. Also the Reindeer's habitat Hemmeldal is hilly and often has patches of dense vegetation. The Reindeer are not easy to detect and blend well with their environment. Make sure to not stay in the spot that you called from. Cows tend to trot around and past the bull that they follow. Certain rifles are almost too strong or a caliber for this species, and even a bad shot will end deadly. If you choose a more considerate caliber make sure to place your shot well. A badly shot bull will often be lost due to their fast speed in any state they are in (calm, spooked, nervous). Try to ambush the animal and plan a shot to the flank. As with any other animal wait for them to stand still for a safe shot. The Reindeer won't stand around for very long though.

If the animal flees
If you spook the animal of your desire, follow the tracks crouching. Use your optics and try to spot it, and also look for tracks or vocal signs. Do not go too fast. The animal can stop fleeing abruptly and return to roaming, and the roaming can be in any direction including coming right back at you. If you end up bumping into the animal it will flee again. Take your time. If the animal is worth it, a few more minutes will pay off.

Listen again for the clicking sounds of the tendons of the trotting animal and let it calm down for a safe shot. The animal will return to its normal state and won't roam at the same speed as before. You have a good chance for finding a spooked bull. As opposed to the females, the males do not trot around which makes finding it a lot easier.

Quick Start Locations

Start at the following lodge(s) for quickly finding this species.

Lodge Reserve Walking direction
Koppartorp Hemmeldal West or South

Video Guide

TheHunter Let's Hunt REINDEER

TheHunter Let's Hunt REINDEER

Organs and Bones

Image Organs

1 = Skull
2 = Brain
3 = Neck bone 1
4 = Neck bone 2
5 = Neck bone 3
6 = Shoulder bone
7 = Lungs
8 = Liver
9 = Heart
10 = Spine bone 1
11 = Spine bone 2
12 = Spine bone 3
13 = Stomach
14 = Intestines
15 = Hip bone
16 = Body

Reindeer Missions

Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
Opening Credits
  • Spot a Reindeer bull.
  • Spot a Reindeer cow.
For Dramatic Effect
  • ID a call of a Reindeer bull.
  • ID a call of a Reindeer cow.
Horrible Terrible Nature
  • Harvest a Reindeer.
Tensions Rise 400
Become Part Of The Herd
  • Find the tracks of three different Reindeer within 5 minutes.
Are We Reindeer? No We Are Human! 800
The Reindeer Man Cometh 1000 Reindeer mission 7 towers
Eye In The Sky 1200
The Sleeping Reindeer
  • Harvest a Reindeer bull at 100% Harvest Value with one heart shot.
The Unraveling 3600


Permitted Ammunition

Arrows compound standard orange 256
Balls lead 50 256
.50 Ball
45 saboted bullet
.45 Sab.
Cartridges 300 256
Cartridges 93x62 256
Cartridges 9.3x74r
Cartridges 7mm magnum 256
Cartridges 30r
Cartridges 8x57 256
8x57 IS
Cartridges 303 british 256
Cartridges 308 256
Cartridges 3006 round nose
Cartridges 3006 256
Cartridges 762x54r 256
Cartridges 7x64
Cartridges 7mm-08 hp
7-08 HP
Cartridges 7mm-08 hv
7-08 HV
Cartridges 6.5x55 256
Cartridges 30-30 256
Cartridges 270 256
45 copper bullet
.45 Cop.
Cartridges 45 revolver
Cartridges 44 256
10mm auto ammunition
Shells 10ga slug
10ga Slug
Shells 12ga slug 256
12ga Slug
Shells 16ga slug
16ga Slug

See full list here.

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