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Traditional sightless recurve bow. Recommended for skilled hunters that want to experience the challenge of hunting with no modern tech whatsoever.


Item in store.png Recurve Bow (Carbon)

A recurve bow with a modern feel. It may have cutting edge materials and looks but it still needs the same age old skill to use.

Trivia: This weapon is very popular among hunters who bait bears as it is quieter than the other bows but still has good power. It does take practice to hunt with this bow since there are no sights on the bow to guide your aim. You can go the the Archery Addictions Range to practice with your bow at different angles before going out into the woods on a hunt with this bow.

Shared Skill and Rank

All variations of this weapon share their Shooting Skill and their Rank. This means that if you buy a variation, you will immediately have the shooting skill that you build with your previously owned versions. The harvests of all variations are added up to the according Hunter Score ranks.


Arrows recurve standard brown 256.png Arrows recurve tracer orange 256.png Arrows compound valentine red 256.png
Recurve Arrows
(Standard Broadhead)
Recurve Arrows
(Orange Tracer Flare)
Cupid Arrows
(Red Tracer Flare)

Permitted Species

All species can be shot except the Werewolf.


The Recurve Bow has no sights and thus no zero settings.


1.50 units *



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