This guide used to be called Guest Player Guide. Guest accounts no longer exist, but the guide can serve well to a new player. The guide remained unchanged after the business model change (game fully free to play).

Thanks to community contributor DanthemanBoone for this extended F2P Guest Guide. Original in the forum here.

Despite the claim of many disgruntled new Guest players, there is a way to enjoy weeks, (if not months) of free play on theHunter by using the mission packs and Gm$ to progress through the game.


First off do the Tutorials, found under the "Hunt Now" button when the launcher is open. Don’t think you know it all. These tutorials will help you a lot.

Fan Guides

Now have a look through the fan guides and check out those hints and tips that are relevant to the missions you are going to be attempting. Forum Fan Guides

Missions / Earning Gm$

Open the Missions from the top of the news or the launcher page and select and activate the mission. If you don't activate a mission you will not earn any Gm$.

Activate and complete Whitetail Deer, European Rabbit, Cottontail Rabbit and Pheasant missions as far as you can go. Then do those mission packs such as B&C Missions and Whitehart Travel Missions which don't require you to shoot anything to start with. As soon as you earn enough Gm$ to enable you to buy a week long license for Mule Deer. Continue hunting Mules and Whitetails together. Concentrate on getting the available Mule Deer Missions done before your license expires. By activating Whitetail, Cottontail Rabbit, Pheasant and Mule Deer Missions missions together with the first Feral Hog and Coyote missions while hunting Logger's Point, you will be able to earn enough to buy day, week or month licences for any other animals of your choice and activate further missions specific to those animals.

Going Large

With the free Single Shot Shotgun and ammo, you can legally hunt any animal (excepting Bison) in any of the Evergreen Hunting Reserve, provided you have purchased a license for that animal and use the appropriate ammo. Or you can activate Missions and hunt any of the animals on the 'Free To Hunt' weekly rotation, using the 243 rifle if permitted, or the shotgun and appropriate ammo. Using your shotgun you will also be able to complete those Mule deer missions, that specifically require a shotgun. (1; 2) valued at 1,600 Gm$ and 2,100 Gm$. That alone is most of the cost of a weeks Roosevelt Elk hunting (4,999 Gm$). From there you can take many different routes to continue as a F2P guest.

More Tips

  • Personally recommend you load up with 12GA slugs and a weeks Elk license next. There is 8,300 Gm$ just waiting around to be picked up in the Elk mission sets alone. A tidy profit of 3,300 Gm$ on an outlay of 4,999 Gm$.
  • There are three maps with Elk. Whitehart Island, Settlers Creek and Redfeather Falls. All three also have (free) Whitetail deer.
  • At Whitehart Island you can do the first Coyote mission and the full set of Whitehart travel missions.
  • Settler Creeks has the added bonus of resident Cottontail Rabbits which are also free to hunt.
  • At Settler Creeks you can also do the first Feral Hog mission and the first Black Bear mission at the same time.
  • If you go to Redfeather Falls to do Elk missions you can do the first four missions of the Redrfeather Falls mission set at the same time, ending with the Elk mission, Number four in that set.
  • You can also do the first Black bear mission and first Moose mission while keeping your eyes open for a big (free) Whitetail buck. You get the Idea.
  • There are many early species missions at the beginning of some of the mission sets that do not require you to have a license or shoot an animal. These can be done any time you are on the appropriate map, to earn Gm$ to buy licenses or consumables to hunt other animals. Lots more Gm$ can be earned for free, for example:

The Multiplayer Option

You can join an unlocked multiplayer game by going to the "Find a Multiplayer Game" on the server lists. Most appropriate would be another player with the time and patience and an great equipment set up on the map you wish to hunt.

  • Hunting in Multiplayer will allow you to complete some of the missions you may not have the weapons or equipment for yourself. You will be able to use the host's Tents, ground blinds, stands and bait sites that you do not have.
  • You can also get past a mission specific weapon requirement by asking them to shoot for you if they have the correct weapon. Then you can harvest the animal and complete the mission.
  • Most weapon specific mission requirements only stipulate that you harvest the animal, not necessarily to shoot it.
  • Missions such as for example Euro Rabbit, Duck and goose missions etc. containing weapon specific requirements and/or the need for expensive equipment can be legally completed this way.

Surprisingly there are many long time players who will be prepared to mentor you. Providing you respect them and conform to any game rules they may impose, many experienced players will be only too keen to help you get started. But step out of line or act like a fool in their games and you will most likely be kicked or even banned from their server. Your reputation will quickly spread and this option will just as quickly dry up for you.

Earning Em$

It is also possible to earn Em$ by participating in Competitions or by completing partnership offers on various websites. Competitions are fiercely competitive and as with he missions the competitions have to be activated before you can enter and post a result.

    • Many of the "Earn em$" offers come with piggy back programs that will need to be removed from your computer.
    • Using a separate email address for these offers is a good idea.
    • Make sure you read the offer conditions carefully and uncheck any extra programs you don't want before downloading.
    • To participate in the sponsors offers click on the "Earn em$" link at the top of the news or launcher page.
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