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Hunt love.png A Hearty Welcome to theHunter Classic!

You have found not only a fantastic game with a lot of content, but also a lively and helpful community, supported by an eager development team. The game keeps growing and many new people join. Below are some basic tips for you! They consider the standard equipment that you own from the start.

Item Description
Do's.png Earn Money!

The game uses two currencies for buying more item; em$ and gm$ ("gems"). em$s are bought with real money, and gm$s can be earned.

  • Make sure to activate the many Missions - great supplier of gems.
  • Do the Daily Missions.
  • Shoot animals - your earnings are equal to the CSS value of an animal. Shoot males preferably.
Do's.png Get the Free DLC!

Make sure to get the free DLC available on Steam.

Do's.png Use Permitted Ammo

Of course you would like to go out now and shoot animals as you find them. However all animals must be shot with the correct ammo. This is important to know as your starter weapons are not allowed for many species. Make sure to check the Permitted Ammo page.

Shooting animals with the wrong ammo means:

  • You receive a friendly letter from Doc that you have used the wrong ammo. No further penalties though.
  • You do not get any gm$.
  • You do not advance your Hunter Score.
  • You cannot complete Regular_Missions that way.
  • You do not advance your Shooting Skill.

Your Starter Weapons

.243 Bold Action Rifle
Bolt action rifle 243 2016.png
Cartridges 243 256.png
See Permitted Species
12 GA Single Shot Shotgun
Single shot shotgun 01 1024.png
Shells 12ga buckshot 256.png Shells 12ga birdshot 256.png Shells 12ga slug 256.png
See Permitted Species
Dont's.png No Head Shots!

Head shots are not recommended. In most cases you will only hurt the animal, and you will either have to search it, or you might lose it. Instead, try to aim for the vital organs. An exception to this rule are small game, or if required by a mission or competition rules.

Dont's.png Do not run!

The animals are somewhat scary. If you run, you won't see many as they flee. You are safe though walking for the most part. Crouching is only required if you are very close to animals. Experiment with the different species and learn from it! Running is ok to get to places faster, but it should be the exception in a hunting session.

Tips.png Be patient!

This is not a shooting gallery. In order to successfully hunt, you need to have some patience and be ready to learn as you go. There are a number of guides that have valuable information for you to get started.

Also check these guides:

Tips.png Get involved and feel free to ask!

There are many things to learn. Make use of a very helpful community.