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Natalie is... questionable, a "crazy cat lady" in every sense of the word. She speaks in "meows" and cat puns, and her presence in the EHR is related to her rather bizarre cat-related plans. As a cat fanatic, Natalie's interests focus on various bobcat and lynx populations, and she sometimes recruits hunters to help her with her decidedly unusual requests.

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Bobcat Missions

Meow hunter! Or in human language, greetings! They call me Natalie Yarrin but you can call me Nyan. I absolutely love Bobcats, their smell, their fur, their eyes, everything! That's why I've decided to make it my life's goal to build the most beautiful Bobcat monument ever right in the middle of the EHR! That's where you come in of course, you're the perfect person for this job and I'll pay generously for your hard work. Now let's get out there and find some felines!

Every Mewment Counts Bobcats are elusive creatures so we are going to need evidence of their existence, and finding it has been a significant challenge for many experts like myself. I'll need you to gather as much information as you can on their whereabouts and so I think the perfect place to start is good old Whitehart Island! Once we figure out where the little critters are hiding then we can begin planning the next part of our grand scheme: building the tower of Bobcatylon!
Can Somebody Paw-lease Give This Man a Bobcat? Aha! I knew there were bobcats in this reserve! I just knew it! See, I'm not a crazy bobcat lady, meow! Ahem, this is a great start but now I'm going to need a sample. How about you go out there and bring me one of them?
Meow-sicians in Logger's Point Purrfect sample! This furry feline will fit nicely by my monument. Now, we've wasted enough time here. I doubt any more bobcats will poke their cute little heads out from behind the bushes after all your gunshots going off! I think it's time we move on to the next known bobcat location, Logger's Point. My sources have told me that there are traces of bobcats all over the western side of this beautiful peninsula... or was it east? Oh well, you are the one getting paid so off you go! Just follow their melodies and you will find them in no time! Now then, I have a monument to finish.
Find All the Purrpetrators Those daring little felines stole a few trinkets from my altar while my back was turned. I'm sure of it! For that, we must properly reprimand them, and by we I mean you! So you must put a stop to their thievery and place them where they rightfully belong: taxidermied by my marvelous monument. I've just finished installing the lighting as well so all we really need now is more bobcats. You can never go wrong with more bobcats, right?
In Pursuit of Purrfection No no no! Look at what you did now. There are holes all over those beautiful bobcats you just hunted! I thought you hunters were all for "clean" kills. This won't do at all so you're going to need to go out and get me bobcats in pristine condition. Don't dilly-dally; I really want to get a move on. I'll get the cat-mobile tanked up so we can be ready to embark to the next location once you finish the task.
Cathletic Cats by the Creeks Nya! Did you see that? I'm one hundred percent certain a bobcat ran past our van just now! You should go out there and chase it. According to my cat-cyclopedia, the bobcats roaming Settler Creeks are of the highest quality when it comes to body mass and skull dimensions, which in other words, means top-notch quality taxidermies for my marvelous monument. Oh and honey, while you're out there, would you mind picking up a few more track samples for me? The dirt itself should suffice. It would be interesting to study their behavioural changes given the new environment we are in. You might want to set up a vantage point as well while you're at it; I mean, this place sure is dense! Oh, and bring me back some tea when you're done.
Everything Looking Paw-sitive Very nice touch with the tree stand! If one wishes to become a bobcat, one must think like a bobcat, or in your case hunt like one. This should make scouting for high-quality bobcats a lot easier and that's exactly what I need for the beautiful cat gardens around my monument. There was indeed an abundance of flora back at Logger's Point so I took every chance I had for future improvements to my project. In any case, take care of things here and once you're done we'll head to the swamplands so chop chop!
Endless Paw-sibilities Welcome to the swamps, hunter! I bet you tend to hunt simple-minded ducks here. Not today my friend, for today we go after the elegant bobcats. My sources tell me they hang out towards the north, and they've done well to avoid all the mud and dirt that this place has to offer. I say we start our investigation from Riverhead Landing and go from there. I think now would be the purrfect time to invest in those things you call "electronic callers". It doesn't quite match the beauty of a natural bobcat meow but at least it does its job efficiently.
Run, Bobcat, Run! I can, with utmost certainty, say you've done a great job so far gathering all those cats for me. In fact, my monument is just about finished. I've already gone and decorated it with all your beautiful feline findings. Unfortunately, it still doesn't feel like we've hit perfection on the head just yet. I feel like we need a bobcat that tells a genuine story. I'll need you to achieve the impossible when it comes to hunting. Hunt a Bobcat worth bragging about! Give that bobcat a meaning, my dear hunter.
The El Bobogato Ceremony Marvelous! Magnificent! Absolutely magnanimous work as well! I just require one teeny-tiny final favour from you since your skills in the bobcat arts are almost on par with mine. Legends speak of a bobcat that's as sneaky as a ninja, as fast as a bullet and as elusive as a chameleon. I'm talking about the legendary "El Bobogato". I bet you've seen documentaries of it on the Hunter channel or read about it in countless cat magazines. I mean he's almost as popular as this "Bigfoot" I hear many hunters talk about! Of course, we both know that thing doesn't exist and isn't anywhere as cute as El Bobogato. In any case, El Bobogato is quite an attractive enigma if I say so myself and that's why we are going to hold a ceremony in its name! Let's head out and show El Bobogato how speedy we can be!
Eurasian Lynx Missions

Natalie Yarrin has started a new profession as an archaeologist and needs your help to uncover the hidden remains of the lynx's distant relative, the Pakasuchus. Rumors had spread of its existence in Hemmeldal several million years ago. It's an anomaly in itself that a fossil from such a dinosaur would exist so far up north and thus, why Natalie Yarrin is once again on a cat-packed adventure.

The Search for Pakasuchus Nya hunter! What a pleasant surprise seeing you in these parts! Oh wait, are you the one Doc sent over to help me with the expedition? If so that's excellent! Your talents during our bobcat quest in the past were unprecedented! I can't think of a better hunter to join me to find the remains of the legendary Pakasuchus. You've heard the stories, yes? A feline-like reptilian with a skull shaped almost exactly like a lynx! That's why we are here today. We are going to find that fossil and bring glory to felines around the EHR. First, let's gather some samples from the elusive Eurasian lynx in the area!
Modern Fossil Requirement Those samples you brought back were excellent, nya! This time, I'm going to need a skeleton though. Do you think you can try and harvest a lynx this time? These creatures are known to be much more difficult to hunt, compared to my dear bobcats, but you are a hunter of many talents so you should do just fine. Nyehehe.
The Brachiosaurus Lynx Ooooh, I think we hit the jackpot. I've found evidence that a really large lynx is in the area and has a genetic mutation of some sort, like DNA from another type of dinosaur. This is a archaeological gold mine! Well, what are you waiting for? Purr-pare yourself, hunter! We need to hunt down this big ball of fur.
The Velocilynx Nyahaha! One more trophy for my feline collection, and this one is even a mutant! Now then, another archaeologist in the area claims to have found traces of yet another mutant lynx currently wandering the southern woods. It may have moved to a different hunting spot by now but let's try and hunt the feline. My sources tell me it's also somehow connected to the fast and carnivorous velociraptor. This boosts its value tenfold, do you understand? We can't let it fall into the hands of an incapable archaeologist. It must be mine, nya! Oh, and use something light like a crossbow so you don't damage the fur this time.
The Predator Becomes the Prey We need to do some scouting, hunter. I feel like the other archaeologists in the area are much more successful in their findings than myself. At this pace, they are more likely to find Pakasuchus before we do! No, no, no. This would be a cat-tasrophe. Check out the area from the trees while I look for more... technological aid so to say.
Upgrading Equipment Nyes! Purr-fect. I'd like you to meet my robot, NYAN 0W07. Don't ask me what it stand for, I'm not actually sure myself. Anyways! This simple piece of machinery is going to speed up the process in tracking down the fossilized remains of Pakasuchus before those other newbies find it. Oh, you're probably wondering where I got this robot. Back during my youth, I used to be quite a technician. At least, before I discovered my passion for felines. Now, let's stop wasting time! I'm gonna boot it up and it should be able to track even the deepest fossils in no time. How about you go hunt a few lynx in the meantime? It will be good practice for what's to come.
The Argentinosaurus Lynx Aha! NYAN 0W07 picked something up... It looks like we've got an even bigger feline on our hands! My trusty sidekick is telling me that it has connections with one of the biggest dinosaurs that ever lived! Now, who would have thought such potential lay in mere cats? This is a scientific breakthrough if I say so myself! Now all that's left is to catch it. That is your job, hunter.
The T-Lynx We've got another one! This time NYAN has picked up a lynx related to the monstrous T-Rex! It must be quite the predator with that sort of connection. You better be on your guard, hunter. I mean, lynx are not known to attack people like you but you never know. You better bring a stronger gun. Nyehehe.
Pakasuchus Hunter! Come quickly! I think this is it. NYAN has successfully picked up the location of Pakasuchus's fossil. We have a little problem though, there seems to be a lynx in the area that defends its burial grounds. Well, what are you waiting for? You have a weapon, I don't. If we manage to get the chance to examine the bones of Pakasuchus then we'll be rich! I might be able to invest in the materials needed for a second Bobcatylon Tower as well! Well, I might just call it Lynxylon Tower instead. I digress, let's get going before the other archaeologists find this spot!
A Distant Relative This is unbelievable... Apparently NYAN has picked up an actual lynx that has close connections to Pakasuchus in this very reserve. This is a literal gold mine, nya! I'm going to pack up the fossil while you need to go find that trophy DNA! Erm, I mean animal! We can't let this opportunity go to waste. Now be extremely careful that you don't penetrate any bones in this special Eurasian lynx. We need it to be in the utmost pristine condition.


Two Pumas For Natalie
Meowdy hunter! It's me, Natalie Yarrin. As I am purr-ty sure you have learned by now, some Pumas have recently settled in Timbergold Trails - oh, that's the best thing that has happened to me in a long time, litter-ally! I love their fur, their smell, that sparkle in their eyes! I need to see them up close, but un-fur-tunately I am not feline very well today. Purr-haps you can bring me a couple of the most majestic Pumas you can cat-ch? Nycomp 1.jpg
The Dark Red Collection
Meowdy hunter! Natalie Yarrin here. My Puma's taxidermy collection is getting bigger and bigger, but I am still missing a dark-red one. You've had done a paw-some job helping me in the past, would you bring me the biggest dark-red puma you can cat-ch? I will be fur-ever grateful! Nycomp 2.jpg
Sneaky Cats
Meowdy hunter! It's me, Natalie, again. I heard these Pumas are sneaky creatures - as sneaky as ninjas they are. Let's see if you can out-sneak them and shoot one from very, VERY close! Nycomp 3.jpg


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