Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
It Takes Two
  • ID a Call from a Male Moose.
  • ID a Call from a Female Moose.
Tankbuster 200 Even though the description says "lung and/or heart shots only", the mission tasks can be completed if other organs are also hit, as long as heart or lungs are hit.
Out of Nowhere
  • Harvest an unspooked male Moose from less than 25m.
300 Use the Moose Caller to lure the moose close. Moose are not easily scared.
Sweet Sixteen
  • Harvest a male Moose with at least 16 typical points using Slug.
400 16 points means that the palm on each side needs 8 points. This is usually a decent score. Use the wide and open areas of Whiterime Ridge to spot the moose easier.
Road Kill
  • Track down and harvest the trespassing male Moose, last seen on the road, just east of the bridge (X: -10.430 Y: -2.513).
600 The moose spawns at the given coordinates (see map) and moves around like any animal. The mission can be completed easier when placing a tent near these coordinates and get to the location as quickly as possible.

Moose road kill mission coordinates.png

Campers Delight 800
  • Kill a male Moose anywhere on the Trapper's Rest road.
1000 The Trapper's Rest Road reaches from the Trapper's Rest Lodge to the eastern border of Redfeather Falls.


Moose For a Week 1200
Getting Slim
  • Harvest 3 Moose within 15 minutes.
1800 There is no rush to shoot 3 moose in quick suggestion. The mission does not require you to shoot, but to harvest them within 15 minutes. Don't start with the harvesting before you have shot the third moose.
Mad Bull
  • Harvest a Male Moose while it is charging you.


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