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Sambar Deer Missions

A strange disease is starting to spread around the rainforests of Piccabeen Bay and appears to only be affecting Sambar Deer. Miranda Odd, a biologist and close disciple of Dr. Otto Canella, is currently on the case. Unfortunately due to how fast the disease seems to be spreading, she may be in need of dire help. This is where you, the hunter, come in.

Entering the Odd Zone Let's skip the introductions, hunter. All you need to know is that there is a sickness spreading through these forests and I need to figure out how to terminate it. None of my fellow biologists know how to hunt and the great Doctor Canella is currently on a business trip in the southern islands of Bushrangers studying a sudden appearance of the babirusa species. That man never sleeps I tell you. He is truly a remarkable person. Unlike you hunters who just go about killing animals without much gain in the field of science. In fact, it's good that you're here. Perhaps there is hope for you just yet, yes? All right, let's get to the point, I need three simple samples from a sambar in the area. I think a track, dropping and perhaps audio sample should do, yes?
Sample Analysis Fascinating. Could it just be amphistomiasis or an odd case of Dermacentor variabilis? No, it couldn't be, we triple checked the feral hog in the area. Very peculiar. Hunter, the samples you brought back were anything but mediocre but fortunately, they served their purpose. I need you to bring me a sambar deer. Living or dead, I take it you generally prefer dead however. Alas, if only Doctor Canella were here. He once told us a story of how he tamed a group of ten wild boar by just looking at them in a specific way. That is the art of a scientific prodigy; something you hunters clearly lack entirely. Well, don't just fiddle about with your fancy hunting weapons, we need that sample ASAP. The fate of the sambar deer in this forest depend on it.
Second-Rate Results Oh? Were you trying to impress with quantity when I predominantly require quality? Doc had thrown in a few good words about you, but I fail to see any inherent potential in your hunting capabilities. Look, there are sambar dying out there in the forest and giving me these displeasing results won't help in saving them any more quickly. Strictly speaking, I require pristine-quality sambar deer. We cannot begin the production of veterinary medicine without efficient results on your end. I require this from you before the day ends so please, if you could.
Sambar Epidemic It's about time you handed in something along the lines of being satisfactory. The results were inconclusive however. We found traces of nodular hyperplasia in the liver of one of them, perhaps due to aflatoxins. In the other, we found early signs of sarcocystosis developing in the heart region. No, this is not enough, the sambar have been showing signs of something more... sinister. I'm afraid we require more samples. Perhaps you can use a weapon that does not cause much surface damage to the skin of the animal. Something primitive like a bow could work?
Inconclusive Results Hmm, such an odd result. The sample you brought back has traces of a DNA virus that I would believe no longer exists in our current time. Upon initial analysis it would seem this particular virus comes from the nanoviridae family which is odd since plants often serve as natural hosts. Unless some sort of strange mutation occured, I fail to see how this could be the source of our sambar epidemic. Perhaps it would be best to send these results over to the paleomicrobiologist division. You've done well so far, hunter. Perhaps you are interested in our field of work, yes? Here is a tip for the next sample you bring in: take a close look at the animal; analyze its moveset, behavior, things along that nature. Once you've done that and gotten a better understanding of these animals then you may take the next shot. Now go, science waits for no one.
Witchcraft? No. Science! The paleomicrobiologists got back to us and informed us that we are actually dealing with a mutated form of yersinia pestis, in other words, potentially a new case of the Black Death. Therefore, this case has become a lot more serious than I initially imagined. It pains me to know that my intial analysis failed me. Doctor Canella would be ashamed. In any case, we may need to close off Piccabeen Bay from everyone else and begin project: Species Eradication. This means Piccabeen Bay may never be considered a hunting reserve ever again but that is truly the least of my problems. Don't give me that look, we can't simply snap our fingers and make the plague go away you see. Look, if you really want to clean up this mess before it's too late then we must act as soon as possible. We're going to have to eradicate the sambar we've identified carrying this virus. First, take this vaccination. We need to make sure you don't get infected and spread the ailment. Time to get busy, hunter.
Shoot for Your Life Excellent work, hunter. You're actually starting to impress. We've gone ahead and prepared a new special vaccination for the animals that aren't affected by the plague. Distribution by air will commence in a moment so it's best you don't enter the reserve while this happens. It's only been clinically tested on animals so I'm not sure what effects would befall a human. Actually... Perhaps you are up for a challenge? There seem to be two infected sambar deer migrating away from the vaccination zone. This means you are technically outside the region of danger but one can never be sure. Tell me, are you a fast hunter?
The Resistance Impressive, hunter. Doc mentioned you carried a few surprises. Of course, I didn't believe him at the time. Perhaps you'd like to go out for a coffee sometime? I tend to keep my preferences quite... broad. Hmm, what's this? Our contagion radar is picking up a few sambar deer still carrying the plague. It's only a handful but still, my vaccines tend to never fail. Perhaps we will have to resort to your vulgar methods here. I'll pass along their info to your gadget. Find them quickly and take care of the problem once and for all.
A Shocking Turn of Events Hunter, come over here real quick. Something doesn't quite add up. You've eradicated the problematic sambar deer earlier, yes? Well, if you look at the radar, there are two more sambar deer that just got infected, and they're resisting my vaccination. It's strange, it's as though something else is affecting them... Something stronger... Something our equipment cannot detect. We will need to investigate this strange enigma. In the meantime, I'd respect it if you went out there and took out those two recently infected sambar. We cannot allow this plague to spread any further. I'll call you once we obtain results. Be careful out there, hunter. If these sambar managed to resist my vaccination then there's a chance you may not be protected either. Best to distance yourself from these two you're about to hunt.
Patient Zero We found him! We have pinpointed the source of this plague. This one was the very first sambar that caught the infection so the plague seems to be strong in him. You are going to want to distance yourself as much as possible from him. Luckily, the patient seems to be located in a fairly open area. Bring a gun or a bow that you feel capable sniping him with. I've come to the conclusion that I won't be able to finish this mission without you. It seems hunters are actually a bit more important in this whole ordeal than I initially calculated. Of course, don't think you are even close to the same level of prestige as Doctor Canella, that said, I still hold you in high regard. Now then, let's eradicate this plague, for the sake of all the animals, biologists and hunters in Piccabeen Bay. I'll back you up with any assistance I can provide. Good luck.

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