Marker flags

A practical way of marking the perfect shooting position or the best hunting path so that anyone can see.


  • There is also no deploy penalty. Deploying will not spook nearby animals.
  • As any other persistent "world item", marker flags stay on the map after leaving the hunting session.
  • The marker color makes no difference in the functionality.
  • There is a limit of 200 marker flags per reserve.



  • Place a flag in one of your inventory slots.
  • Press the according slot number to select the flag.
  • Rotate with the right mouse button.
  • Place with the left mouse button.
  • If you have another flag of the same color in your inventory, it will be automatically placed in your hand.


  • Move close to the flag until it highlights orange.
  • Press Use (E by default), then move the mouse to the left and press the left mouse button.



The marker flags can be bought one by one, or in a bundle.


0.25 units*