Summary: If the game crashes, please locate the *.dmp file and send it to

If the game or launcher by some reason crashes it will on most occasions produce a "crash dump file" that contains valuable information that will help identify the cause of the crash.

If you experience a crash, please open Explorer (in Windows Start menu, select Run..., type "explorer" and click OK). Navigate to the folder where you installed the game, by default this location is "C:\Program Files\theHunter".

Within theHunter folder check the game and launcher folders for the .dmp file as illustrated below. The actual filename of the .dmp file may be different than what you see here.

Locate dmp file

Once located, send the file as an attachment to and describe in as much detail as possible what you did when the crash happened. Please also describe if you are able to reproduce the crash or if it only happened once.

This information will help the developers of the game identify the problem and hopefully fix it.

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