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Mule Deer Missions

Private contractor, "King" Lurcan Gong, wants your help with culling the exploding Mule Deer population in EHR.

First Mule Deer Hi there, Lurcan is the name but most people call me "King". I don't know why really so don't ask. Anyway, I hear you are looking for opportunities to bag some Mule Deer. Well, you're in for a real treat. Mule Deer is maybe not the most wide spread species in the Evergreens. But there are enough of them to cause all sorts of trouble. But before we get into that you'll have to show me you've got what it takes. Try tracking a Mule Deer buck, make a spot and a clean kill. And I mean clean. Those things get winged and they're off somewhere in the scrub and you'll never find it again! Lets see how you get on with that.
A Longer Range Not bad, not at all. But you'll have to do another test before I'm confident with you. The Greens can be a pretty rough neighborhood and one need to select associates... carefully. It's time to test your marksmanship. Bag me a Mule Deer buck from at least 150 feet and we're golden.
More Points Alright, you're OK. Time for business. Got an order for a 6pt Mule Deer rack from a fellow of the "honorable" EHRCA. Apparently this hotshot has a son that's going through some sort of initiation rite of theirs. Thing is he needs to bag this 6 pointer to pass but he'd rather stay home with his video games. Seriously embarrassing for dad, right? That's where we step in... All valiant knights in stained armor. Let's go bag some Mule Deer!
Big Haul The knights deliver. No rest for the wicked though, and god knows we are... Another quest on the horizon, this time it's a proper maiden in distress. Well maybe not entirely proper... It's Monica. You know that spiritual thing that runs the Wine and something. She has proclaimed some sort of 'Wine and Mulie Dine' weekend. Of course without the Mule Deer meat for it. We ride again my friend. We need at least 3 bucks weighing 200 pounds or more. May the best knight win!
Extreme Range hat was a lot of work, but totally worth it... Sorry... got a bit... dreamy there. We've got another job in the pipe. Pretty special arrangement this time. Remember that video gaming kid? Well it didn't really work out as planed, someone called his bluff and they're now asking to see him shot deer live. Naturally he can't hit a barn from 10 yards so dad called for the knights. The plan is to fire at the exact same moment as the kid, hiding in the bushes about 450 feet from the target. I will take the shot myself but I need you to pave the way. Get out there and take a Mule Deer Buck with a shot from at least 450 feet and report back weapons settings and conditions to me.
Even Closer... Well, that went beyond expectations. The kid is now some sort of EHRCA hero curtsy of the stained knights. I think we've earned some vacation. Let's go out there and take a buck each just for fun. The closest shot wins!
Points o' Plenty 60 feet? You're crazy man. I rarely get within 80. Well we've got another job. Another rack, 10pt this time. EHRCA official of course, looking for another office decoration. Sometimes I wonder if these guys ever hunt for real...
Concerto Now that wasn't too hard now, was it? OK maybe somewhat, 10 pointers don't grow on trees. All that hard work earned us another break. A concerto perhaps, suitable for people with stained armor... Evergreen is playing. May the one that identifies a Mule Deer buck and a Mule Deer doe call first claim honor and free beverage for all!
Chasin' Tail I can't believe it! Only does singing the whole day. Why did you get all the bucks? Oh well, can't win em all I suppose. We've got another assignment, official this time. The EHRCA is holding a party of sorts and want to finish it up with a major Mule Deer cull. Problem is they are to busy with the celebrations to bother with locating prey. That's where we come in. We locate the tracks from a herd and give them the location. Shouldn't be too hard, once we've found tracks from three different animals within 5 min we know we have a herd.
270 Degree Angle Job well done! The EHRCA party was a major success. We've earned another break and a chance for me to break your ridiculous winning streak. This is when you're going down. A Mule Deer Buck from at least 270 feet, using the .270 rifle. Let the games begin.
Easy Does It That's it, no more breaks. I'm tired of being humiliated. There is no honor to be gained by competing with one as superior as you my lord. Let's just focus on the next assignment. There have been an increasing number of road accidents involving Mule Deer does lately. The officials want us to trim the population. 4 each should do it. To make it a bit more entertaining I suggest we use .44 Magnum Revolvers only. Grab your sneaking shoes. For honor and proper compensation!
5 From Above Well well, turns out our 8 does weren't enough. The officials want us to take another 10. Both bucks and does this time. They are getting a bit paranoid about their contractors though. Now they are insisting that we stay in hunting towers at all time so they can keep an eye on us... I guess I shouldn't have borrowed all that juicy .44 ammo during the last mission. If you bring a caller and some scent it shouldn't be an issue though. The knights ride again!


Deer April - The King's Challenge
Hi, my name is Lurcan. You look familiar, have we met already? I am looking for a good challenge, I want to see if you can beat my 3 best Mule Deers. Here are my rules: the average score of your 3 highest scoring male Mule Deers is your competition entry. Each Mule Deer must score at least 125 to be counted. Highest average score wins. Oh, and you have 5 attempts only.

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