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Redfeather Falls Travel Missions

The Redfeather animal reserve chief biologist, Jorge Rodriguez here. After my sisters "disappearance" from the Redfeather bear foundation the animals has become uncontrolled. I got hired to fix the troubles that has surfaced here. It would be a tremendous help if you were to aid me as I map out how everything is going in the reserve.

A Dirty Job At first I just need some droppings to examine, I would like it if you collected it from all over the reserve. You should break it up instead of taking it all in one go.
Dropping dropping dropping Those will do fine make sure to get droppings from the rest of the species as well.
A Mess The food was barely digested. The animals here must be under a lot of stress. Maybe the reserve has gotten overpopulated. Check if it is the same situation in the northern parts.
Thinning Out The Population: Roosevelt Elk Same situation all over the reserve, we will need to take down the population in order to give the animals the space they need to live a healthy life.
Thinning Out The Population: Deers Well done, let us move on and take down some deers.
Thinning Out The Population: Moose & Bears Only the big ones left to clear. In the long run, this will help the reserve to thrive.
Check The Situation Take a round and track as much animals as possible and take down some more. Hopefully they will be returning to normal.
Calming Down Most of the animals seemed to have calmed down but it was not enough. Make a another trip through the central and southern areas.
Last Drop(ings) Take in dropping from them again. And I need to examine one of the animals as well so please bring me a specimen.
The Oldies From what I can understand of this the older ones is to damaged from the stress and will probably never recover. As a last solution we should kill the older ones to give the youngster an easier future.

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