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Snowshoe Hare Missions

Hello, my name is Joe. I’m a biologist. I’m running a project on climate changes and I focus on species overlapping. I have heard some colleague of mine, while visiting the dean to get research grants, talking about seeing snowshoe hare where there should be arctic hare. I need to get evidences before him. I need you to do the hunting for me, since I will probably need to stay in the shack to conduct some experiments.

Smelly Evidence Before the plane leaves us, we must find some evidence that there are snowshoe hare in the region. Find something containing DNA that the plane can bring back, but kill nothing before we are sure of anything. Try not to freeze to death.
Finding the Intruder The lab confirmed that the "evidence" you found were "produced" by a Snowshoe Hare. We need some specimens so I can check their health to see if they can be a threat to the indigenous Arctic Hare.
The Tortoise and the Hare "To win a race, the swiftest of a dart. Availeth not without a timely start."Forget everything La Fontaine said, we must act fast. Just run for this one. We need efficiency. Kill them as fast as you can.
Don’t Save the Queens There is too many of them. They are everywhere, I can’t remember when I last saw an Arctic Hare. We need to stop their population from growing.
Any Other Hare Around? Have you seen any Arctic Hare since we came here? I think the Snowshoe Hare population has totally replaced them. The Snowshoe Hares were looking healthy, so maybe they had fully substituted Arctic Hare in the ecosystem. We need to look for clues to confirm this hypothesis.
Something to Eat The plane was supposed to be back two days ago, and the reserve of food is getting low. Maybe we could snatch some of these Snowshoe Hares for ourselves. But we shall only take what we need for today’s meal, since we don’t know the impact of the Snowshoe Hare species change on the local population of Arctic Fox.
Taking the Heirs Yesterday’s meal was quite good, but the plane isn’t going to be back for a couple of days because of the bad weather. I think if we only take males, we won’t have a big impact on the population. Meanwhile, I’ll gather information about the Arctic Fox population.
Foxtrot is Secured I consulted some archives and made some observations, and I think the Arctic Fox population is doing great. We can continue our investigation. Can you spy on some Snowshoe Hares, to study their behavior?
Careful with the Choke I can't remember where I put the guns yesterday. There is so many boxes and scientific material in here. Oh! I found this one. This is just fine. I’m not sure about the choke on the gun, so don’t shoot them too close, I don’t want you to bring me colanders.
Something to Compensate With The plane finally arrived. The colleague who "inspired" me this research sent me a note. It was a trap, a big lie. Nobody ever saw any Arctic Hare in this region. It always have been a Snowshoe Hare region… He made me waste my time while he was getting the grant. We need to take revenge. The naturalised Snowshoe Hare of the University collection were given by him, so if we can bring an even more beautiful hare, they will surely expose him, so everyone can see I have bigger… hare than him!

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