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Jenny McTorcaill is the editor-in-chief of the prestigious hunting magazine 'Toms & Hens', the world-renowned publication for Turkey hunters. When she's not busy managing Toms & Hens' day-to-day operations, she is on the lookout for new, talented people to collaborate with and realize her often brilliant editorial ideas: writers, photographers, assistants, and even hunters!

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Shotgun Missions

Hi there, Hunter! My name is Jenny McTorcaill and I am the editor-in-chief of the prestigious hunting publication "Toms & Hens". As you can probably tell by the title, our magazine is all about turkeys: where to hunt them, what to shoot them with, how to cook them! Next month we are planning to include a color supplement dedicated exclusively to shotguns and I am looking for an expert who can help our writer and photographer, showing them how this formidable gun is used in the field. Would you be up to the task? I'll be sure to reward you generously! By the way, if you need a little warm-up, I suggest you head to the Causeway Lodge in Whitehart Island or the Field Lodge at Logger's Point and practice with the clay-pigeon shooting ranges there. When you are ready, follow me to Settler Creeks, that's where we will begin!

The Birdshot Chapter Hi! My name is Jane Potter, a pleasure to meet you, I am a producer at "Toms & Hens" and I will be in charge of the shotgun supplement.

I have received a few Birdshot Ammo boxes from our sponsor and we need to test their effectiveness on the field. Settler Creeks looks like just the right place for this, you can try it on turkeys and rabbits!   

The Buckshot Chapter Excellent job! We need to do the same with Buckshot Ammo now. Our photographer, Josh, wants to take some pictures in a different environment though, so let's move to Hemmeldal.
The Slug Chapter Yes, you guessed it, it's time to try some Slug Ammo. I know the perfect place for that, an area with big deer and hogs: the Logger's Point hunting reserve.
The Cold Chapter As part of our article, we want to see how shotguns handle extreme cold. You'll travel to the Whiterime Ridge reserve today, together with Mr. Buck Wavetrotter, our writer, and Josh. Make sure you pack your winter gear!
The Hot Chapter Brrr... I feel cold just looking at you! Brush that snow off your coat and take these tickets to Bushrangers Run, you need some hot weather to defrost yourself! Remember, though, it's not a vacation, you will still have to stay focused and take all your animals at 100% harvest value!
The Autumn Chapter Snow: check! Sun: check! Rain? Let's go and try some shotguns in Timbergold Trails!
The Poker Chapter Mr. Buck Wavetrotter wants you to try a few different types of shotguns and see how they perform. For this, we'll move to Redfeather Falls, Mr. Wavetrotter's favorite reserve in the EHR - he once wrote a whole book about it! Be sure to pack a Single Shot, a Side by Side and an Over and Under and catch four animals of a specific species with each shotgun!
The Diversity Chapter New chapter, new reserve. Let's try some different shotguns in Whitehart Island. Please bring a Pump-Action, a Semi-Auto, and a Lever-Action. To make this a little more interesting why don't you harvest 5 animals with each type of gun this time?
The Scope Chapter To write this chapter we are going to need some shotgun scopes and a good eye: yours! Let's try some shots from a distance with different ammo types.
Two Deer With One Stone Well well well, how exciting! The supplement is almost complete - we also have some great pictures of you and your shotguns in action! One last thing and we are done: we want to shoot a video for our website with something truly impressive. Do you think you can kill two deer with one shot?


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