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Coyote Missions

Help Dixie "Jazz" West of the EHRCA Pest Control Unit to fight the growing number of Coyotes that threaten the delicate ecosystem of Whitehart Island.

Eye Spy Hi, I'm Jazz. Is that my full name? No and it is nothing you need to concern yourself with. What you need to know is that the EHR Conservation Association sent me here to investigate a possible threat to the Whitehart Island ecosystem. We believe that Coyotes may have made their way to the island. They're unwanted there. They need to be kept in check, they're hardy animals and will keep spreading. I have a few tasks lined up for you. To help out. First we need to confirm that they have indeed landed on the island. Spot a Coyote and report back to me.
It Takes Two So it is. The dogs have made it to Whitehart. I hoped this day would never come... We need to take care of them quickly before they breed! Head out and bag as many as you can while I device a plan. Buy us some time... Time to prepare.
Scout Two down... You did well. But still I fear it's far from enough... I think it's time for us to find out the true extent of this invasion. I will keep them at bay while you scout their numbers. Collect as many tracks as you can then return to me.
Barking Up The Wrong Tower The data you collected... It's even worse than I imagined! There is no time for proper planing. We need to act now! Man the towers! Bag every yote you see!
Northern Quarter Only one? Still better then I faired. There is a glimmer of hope though. While waiting in the tower I had time to more carefully analyse the details of your tracking data. It appears there are Coyote movements all over the Island. Right now it's hard to pin down where their den might be. But there have been a lot of activity in a particular part of the north.I want you to check the North Western fields, around that tip of the Island. There's some open areas there, and I'm pretty sure there's Coyotes up that way. Find evidence of them, kill one and bring it back to me. Hopefully it should give us some clues.
Bitchin' Excellent work! The Coyote you brought back may indeed be the breakthrough we are looking for. It will take time to analyse though. You'll need to keep them at bay. The towers turned out to be a failure. What we need is a new weapon. Use a .44 Magnum Revolver to keep their numbers down. Target the females.
Lake Coyote? 5 Females! That's excellent news. And it gets better. The Coyote you brought back had some interesting sediment lodged in it's paws. This soil only comes from one place. The area around the Lake. Check out the Lake. Same again, find any signs of Coyote's and bring one back for me...
Bow Wow I'm really excited about what you brought back from the lake. I think we may have what we need to end this. It will take time though. Time you will have to buy us. Harvest as many yotes as you can, use the bow this time. It's silent so you may be able to off a whole pack in one silent strike!
Take Down With all these female Coyote's hanging around together it's clear we're looking for the dominant male. That last Coyote you brought back has confirmed what I'd suspected. It's fur was matted with a certain type of grasses that only grows in one place. The Awi'Usdi Stones. The dominant male is bound to be there. Chances are he'll be surrounded by females, the dog! You're going to have to sneak up on him, while avoiding any females in the area. Then take him out. He'll be the biggest Coyote in the area for sure. You'll need to take your time, the Awi'Usdi Stones is not a flat area by any stretch of the imagination. If they hear you coming or get a whiff of your scent they'll be off like a shot. Now go get that Big Dog and bring him back, and let's stop the Coyote menace once and for all!
Cottontail Rabbit Missions

The Cottontail Rabbit: King of the Fields! At least according to Dixie “Jazz” West.

Hop To It It brings me much joy to inform you that you and I have been selected to take care of the wonderful Cottontail population in the EHR. They are such wonderful creatures! Why don't you go out there and familiarize yourself with them?
Regicide They truly are majestic creatures! But they are tricky prey. When spooked, they run really fast to find a hiding place, usually in the brush not too far away from where they first hopped around. If left undisturbed; they will return to their old stomping grounds soon enough. Go out and see for yourself.
Honour. Glory. Rabbit. Like a king, no: Like an emperor, the Cottontail reigns over the fields with a just, but firm, paw. No one dares to question the Cottontail rule, but like any loving regent it sometimes turns a blind eye to it's own kin. Sometimes, we at the EHRCA Pest Control Unit need to help out in taking those tough decisions. Sometimes, we use a shotgun when helping out.
Ode To Joy You see, the Cottontail is an amorous animal. They are not ashamed of it! They like the good things in life and who are we to blame them for it? So what if it gets a little out of hand?! The EHRCA Pest Control Unit takes care of things when they go slightly out of control. Sometimes, we use a single shot shotgun when they go slightly out of control.
Warriors Of The Fields Quickly! I just received another threat from a phone that I managed to trace back to somewhere in Logger's Point. But this time we have a lead on the caller! My informant tells me that the caller was limping which should be easy to see in a foot print. Go there and find the limping bugger who made the call by doing some old fashion tracking. Exclude no-one and nothing.
Losers Of The Fields You saw a battle? And the Cottontails are losing?? What the heck? My whole world has been turned upside down...Go and test their battle strategies. I need answers.
Restoring The Honour We need to train them, make them stronger and faster. The once proud Cottontail Empire has grown lax and fat because of their good fortunes. We need to keep them on their toes. To be ready for anything.
Restoring The Glory The plan is proceeding perfectly. Let's move on to Settler Creeks. I suppose they have no real enemies there but one can never be too careful. I think it's time to put an air rifle to good use, but no scope. I need you to be reminded of that we still are dealing with a most majestic animal. A scope belittles that.
Losers No More So now you're thinking: “We've made them capable of handling sneak attacks from Coyotes armed with rifles. Seems rather pointless. ”Right? Not quite right. Those damn yotes are smarter than you give them credit for. Now, to estimate our progress: Move like a Coyote - in a tree and armed with a bow.
Duty First A PM just arrived from EHRCA Pest Control Unit Central. Apparently, “take care of” means that we were to... “take care of”... the increasing Cottontail Rabbit population. Well, I am firstly a pest controller and secondly a Cottontail fan so let's do it! We need to be effective.
European Rabbit Missions

Dixie "Jazz" West has fallen in love with the beautiful European Rabbit and needs to maintain its population.

Finding the clues EHRCA has expanded my responsibility to involve population control of the wonderful European Rabbit which has been introduced in Val-des-Bois. When they have gotten introduced to other parts of the world they have often been seen as pests, multiplying fast and destroying vegetation and other wildlife. We would not want that to happen here. Have you encountered one before? Head on out and see if you can learn something about them.
Rabbit Therapy They are so soothing to just look at. Spot some and feel how you just calm down.
Too many, too fast It is sad, really, but we have to get to work. The European Rabbit has already started multiplying and we can't let them get to many, especially not this fast. People has not even gotten used to them being here.
Non Strategical Rabbits Such a shame… I thought they would be harder to take out. They're not as strategic as the Cottontail, maybe I misjudged the European Rabbit. Maybe it is not majestic at all. Maybe you were lucky, try it again and take out as many as possible during one hunt. And be strategic!
Power In Numbers Ahhhh, I see now. They are not even trying to win by using strategies. They are trying to win in numbers, that is why they keep growing in numbers even though we take so many out. Cute little buggers. This must be why it is sometime called The True Rabbit. Well, we should just go for the females then and that should slow them down.
Keeping Them On Their Toes It is just not enough, this climate must be too perfect for them. We need to make them feel less safe, less at home Keep taking them out but stress them up first!
Home Invasion The EHRCA will not be pleased with me unless I solve this situation soon. I think stressing them up has helped some but it was not enough, they are too smart and probably know what we are up to. We have to get even more extreme, take them where they really believe they are safe.
A Necessary Evil Poor things, but it will be good for them in the long run. In worst case scenario people would have forced the EHRCA to eradicate them from the area which would have been way worse. It seems as if the breeding has cooled off, took some work but at least it is moving in the right way now. Check on them during the next run, see if they have changed their behavior.
Can't Break Their Spirit I am so impressed, they just wont back down. These rabbits really have the spirit and thinking that the Cottontail lacked. We did lower the population but they still act the same, it will keep increasing again. The EHRCA will not be as pleased as I am though, but I am running low on ideas. Try tracking down their mating grounds. Maybe there is an area which they use more than others. Disturbing them there might be what we need.
Rabbit Rampage There we have it! They keep to the area north of the Chalet du Mont-Bleu lodge. Go on a run there, take down all you can find. This is all we can do to help them stay at Val-des-Bois.

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