This page compiles issues with getting the game started.

Connect to server issues

Most connection issues are related to your Windows or some times antivirus Firewall. Here are the instructions on how to let an application through or even disabling it:

Launcher hangs/stalls

  • My launcher hangs while patching/downloading.
    • This is normal as the launcher is copying and deleting files. Please just let it sit for 15-20 minutes before ending the process.

Launcher crashes

  • My launcher crashes with a Windows error or similar.
    • Solution: You might have a corrupt install, please reinstall the game.

Launcher disappears

  • After clicking "Start Game"/"Hunt Now", nothing happens or my launcher disappears.
    • Solution 1: Make sure you are not already running the launcher, check down right on your taskbar for theHunter icon and close it before trying again.
    • Solution 2: Make sure you have the latest Microsoft .NET Framework

Game crashes

  • My game crashes randomly during gameplay or I'm getting a black/blue screen which locks up my computer.
    • Solution: Please supply the last *****.dmp-file in your "game"-folder under your "theHunter"-directory, in a mail directly to