This guide describe in detail how you install theHunter on your computer.

Please follow this guide step by step. Depending on your Windows version the dialogs may look a little bit different, but overall it should be the same general steps.


Make sure your system meets the minimum system requirements and that you are using the latest video card drivers and DirectX version (see the video cards page for help with updating these).

To be on the safe side, run Windows Update to make sure your Windows is updated.


There are two ways to install the game. You can either download and install the launcher from theHunter Download page, or from Steam. The launcher will automatically download new content and patches to the game to make sure it is updated.

Launcher Installer (recommended) from Website

Download the launcher installer (about 12 MB) by clicking the link just below.

Downloading step01

Depending on what web browser you are using the following dialogs may look a little bit different. But basically what you should do is to save and run the downloaded file. This is how it looks like in Internet Explorer 8 (for a better experience of theHunter, and the internet in general, we do recommend Chrome or Firefox).

Save and Run file

Once you click the download link you'll see a dialog asking you if you want to save the file.

Downloading step02 Ie8-download

Click Run or Save.

The launcher installer will now run once the download is complete.


If you saved the file, now locate the file titled theHunterLauncherSetup.exe where you downloaded it and run the file.
When running the installer you may see the following User Account Control dialog.


Click Continue.

Select your language (if available)
Downloading step03

You should now be greeted by the following window (version number may be different than the one in the screenshot).
Downloading step04

Click Next.
Downloading step05

Now choose what folder to install theHunter; if you are happy with the suggested path, simply click Next.
Downloading step06

If you want you may change the default Start Menu folder. Click Install.
Downloading step07

Now the progress bar appears and files are installed.

If your computer does not already contain The Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack Redistributable Package it will now be installed.

Vcredist progress

Next is a check to verify your DirectX version. If needed DirectX will be installed and you will be presented with the following window.
Downloading step08

The DirectX setup verifies you have the appropriate version of DirectX.

Click I accept the agreement and then Next.

It will now verify your DirectX installation. If necessary it will download and install the latest version of DirectX. Wait until it says Installation Complete, then click the Finish button.
Downloading step09

The launcher installer will install the last few files and then the launcher installation is complete.
Downloading step10

Make sure the box is checked before Run theHunter Launcher to download the game client, then click Finish.

The following box may will appear, or similar. Check the check box to have your choice remembered.
Downloading step11 Downloading step12

Now theHunter Launcher should start.
Downloading step13

If a launcher update is available it will download and install now. Once completed the launcher will need to be restarted.
Downloading step14

When the launcher starts it will start downloading the game client. You'll see the download progress in the status bar at the bottom of the launcher window.

When downloading is complete the status bar briefly changes to say decompressing followed by a small window showing the progress when the downloaded game client installer is verified.
Downloading step15

theHunter game client is now installed. It may briefly stop occasionally when it copies files in the background, please have patience and do not abort the installation.

The game client installation is completed and you are now ready to play.
Downloading step16

Sign in with your existing user account (or create a new one), and you're ready to play.

Updates and Patches

Updates and patches are automatically downloaded and installed by the launcher upon start of a game. To be able to play the game it must be up to date. Also the launcher itself is automatically updated. The progress of the update procedure is indicated in the status bar located at the bottom of the launcher window. You may see the following messages (numbers are examples):

  • checking launcher
    • downloading launcher (if a new launcher version is available)
    • installing launcher
    • The launcher temporarily closes down and restarts itself
  • downloading hunter (with progress in percent)
  • Patching game: Checksum file 1 of 9. archives\pc0.arc 37.1%
  • Patching game: 99.95 MB / 1475.65 MB

Note that file checksums are verified prior to a patch as well as after a patch has been applied.

Depending on your Windows version and configuration the following User Account Control dialog may appear before the patch is applied.


Click Continue to apply the patch.

If all else fails...

Follow the standard procedure of dealing with computer issues.

  • Uninstall the game.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Download and install again.

You may also ask questions the Help Section in the community forum.