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Snow Goose Missions

Hello hunter, my name is Igsivalitaq, welcome to my hiding place, and home. I saw you and your guides from a mile away, black dots in the distance coming through the white snow. I thought you belonged to the white men whom the Aivilingmiut call police. I thought you were coming for me, and if I was to be taken away against my will, I would rather die; so I loaded up all my guns to be ready... You and your guides came as friends instead, and you must know that as long as you are with us everything I have is yours too. You say you have come to learn how to hunt the Snow Goose. You have come to the right place, my friend, I was just looking for a new hunting companion.

When Snow Falls, Nature Listens First thing first, in order to catch a Snow Goose you have to find one first! Let me show you how to recognize them.
Geese of a Feather Good, I see you could hear them and find their dung. I hope you haven't rubbed your face in it though, like my old hunting companion once did to me. That didn't end up well for him, but that's a story for another day. Now let's get back to business, I need to get enough Snow Goose feathers to sell in my father's store down at Kosatka Harbour.
Meat Market You did great, finding that dark-feathered goose was not an easy job. What do you call it? Blue-moth? Whatever, hunter. Let me call Anarqq, my adopted son, he will bring them down to Orpingalik's store. Now let's hunt for some goose meat, winter is long and we need some big ones to sell!
The Fat Of The Land Excellent, I see you're getting the hang of this, hunter. Now let's try getting some even bigger ones, the ones with lots of fat. My mother, Uvlunnuaq, makes amazing-tasting Inuit potatoes cooked in Snow Goose fat - have you tried them?
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow Well done, that was a heavy bunch you got there! Anarqq will load them in the sleigh and get them delivered before the sun goes down. He got some new dogs, younger dogs, they're fast! About two years ago I was living not far from Danforth’s Refuge, hunting Dall Sheep and Arctic Fox at the same time in order to be near to the places where I could buy guns and ammunition from white men. I love guns and I own a few myself. I trained myself hard and got pretty good with each one of them! Today I want you to get out of your comfort zone and catch a bunch of Snow Goose using different guns.
Blind Call A good hunter must be able to disappear from their preys' sight. Show me that you can catch some Snow Geese from really close. Don't worry, you won't have to hide in the snow like a true Inuit hunter, not yet at least. Ha ha ha. Use a waterfowl blind so that they won't see you.
A Fox With An Eagle Eye You have been as cunning as an Arctic Fox hunting down a Snowshoe Hare, good job! Most of the times, though, you will find that Snow Geese are flying away from you, and you need to be very accurate to kill them from afar.
Catch .22 We've tried a few shoguns before, let's try some smaller caliber now, they're great to catch those very distant geese, the ones that are flying away from you - those .22 pellets sure travel far!
Snowflakes Are Kisses From Heaven Cool, I think we deserve some rest, I'll have my wife Taltsoq the armless one, cook us some salmon and bring us some tea. Afterwards we go out for more hunting in lifting spirits. what do you say? By the way, do you remember when I said you won't have to hide in the snow? Well, I just meant, not yet! Try and catch a Snow Goose from really close, this time without a waterfowl blind. Oh, and make sure to wear something nice and warm, you are going to spend a lot of time out there!
A Bad Deed Written On Snow I told you how my once hunting companion insulted my by rubbing some goose dung in my face, didn't I? When a man does that in our country, it is an insult that means that he had an inclination to kill someone. The treatment I had received tormented me so much that I could not tell anyone about it. Hatred grew up in me, and so one day when we were alone together up in the mountains I took out my bow and shot an arrow through his heart. Let's see how good YOU are with bows now.


The Longest Shot
The average distance of your 3 longest shots on airborne Snow Geese is your competition entry.
A Close Call
The average score of your top 3 flying Snow Geese, harvested from a maximum of 12 meters (approx. 39 ft.), will be your competition entry.
The Top Five
The combined score of your five top scoring airborne Snow Geese is your competition entry.
The Heaviest Bunch
The heaviest combined weight of all airborne Snow Geese harvested with only 5 attempts is your competition entry. Highest combined weight wins.

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