Hunter Score


Definition: The Hunter Score is the sum of all rank points that you have collected throughout your entire time in the game.

The Hunter Score is the number displayed on the right of your avatar in your profile. The scores of all players in the game are compared. They define your position among all players which is also displayed as "Rank" (not to be confused with the rank points explained below).

Bang The Hunter Score has nothing to do with the factors below

  • scores of the animals you harvest
  • tracking, spotting and shooting skills
  • the quality of your shots
  • your hit statistics
  • Missions you have completed
  • competition results
  • Achievements - these counted for the Hunter Score until March 9, 2017

Rank Points

Rank points count towards your Hunter Score and come in three categories. These categories are Animals, Weapons and Collectables. You can find your ranks by clicking on the Ranks tab below your Hunter Score.


Every animal species has its own rank. You can collect rank points for each animal until you have reached 1000 kills for this animal. Killing more animals of this species will not further increase your Hunter Score.


All unique weapons have their own ranks. Weapon variations, such as the different Plinkingtons, are grouped together. Harvests with any of these three rifles will count towards the same Rank. Weapons are grouped in the same way as they are for your Shooting Skills.

The “.22 Plinkington” comes in three color variations, Marble, Winter Camo and Wood. All of these three rifles count towards the same rank. No matter which of the three guns a player uses, all kills will count towards the Plinkington Rank.

What it looked like in the old system:

  • .22 Plinkington Marble: 100 kills
  • .22 Plinkington Winter Camo: 50 kills
  • .22 Plinkington Wood: 30 kills

Now looks like

  • .22 Plinkington: 180 kills


Collectables have three ranks:

Each kill per rank adds you one Hunter Score points. All Ranks are limited to a maximum of 1000 points.

Ranks Overview

Your Ranks page shows your progress in the different areas. Move your mouse over the progress bars to see the numbers behind them.

Hunter score progress

Select Animals, Weapons and Collectables to see how you have completed the ranks for each of these categories.

Rank Badges

All ranks have their own badges and look like this.

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