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The Harvest Value is a mere scoring number and not monetary value. It is a way to score harvested animals based on how the animal was harvested rather than how it looks. The aim of harvest value is to reward practices that lead to less animal suffering and that prevent unnecessary trophy damage. This is achieved by balancing two values against each other; Wound Time and Trophy Integrity.

It is important to note that the harvest value does neither influence nor replace the regular trophy score or the CSS, which is derived from the regular score.

Wound Time

Wound time is the time from the point the animal is wounded to its death. To gain high harvest values you need to keep this time as low as possible which in turn means less animal suffering. The best wound time results are achieved through proper shot placement using a weapon with enough penetration to damage critical organs such as the heart and lungs. An instant death means the best wound time that can be achieved, which is 0 seconds.

The values for the wound time range from 0 to infinite seconds where 0s is awesome and more than 60s is horrible.

Trophy Integrity

The second variable to make up harvest value is trophy integrity. Trophy integrity simulates how damaged the animal is. The real life counterparts are things like meat, pelt and antler damage which lowers the monetary value of the harvest. A simplified method is used to calculate this value which means that it cannot directly be translated to all real life situations.

The trophy integrity is affected by weapon type, distance to target and species. The rule of thumb is that the less damage the target takes the higher the integrity value.

Values range from 0-100% where 100% is awesome and 0% is horrible.

Harvest Value Calculation

To calculate the final Harvest Value, both the Wound Time and the Trophy Integrity considered. The highest possible harvest values can only be achieved by minimizing wound time and maximizing the trophy integrity. This leads to a balancing game where you need to find the optimal caliber with just enough damage to take down the target as quickly as possible.

High caliber weapons are not suitable for small game (bad integrity & good wound time) while they excel for big game (good integrity & good wound time). Low caliber weapons on the other hand are not suitable for big game (good integrity & bad wound time) while they excel for small game (good integrity & good wound time).

Airshots only

The following animals will always end in a Harvest Value of 0 when shot on the ground. The purpose is to promote air shots.