This information is now obsolete. There are no more guest accounts.

How long does a Guest license last?

There is no time limit for how long you can hunt as a Guest.

What weapons do I get?

You get the following weapons for free.

.243 Bolt Action Rifle (Wood)
Bolt action rifle 243 2016

12 GA Single Shot Shotgun (Wood)
Single shot shotgun 01 1024

You can purchase additional weapons in the game Store.

How do I get ammo?

As a guest you will get unlimited free ammo for the .243 Bolt Action Rifle and the 12 GA Single Shot Shotgun. At the start of each expedition you will receive 3 full boxes of all free ammo. If additional Weapons are purchased you would also need to purchase ammo for these.

The same is true if you have lapsed a previous membership and fallen back to guest status. You will keep all previously owned items (weapons, callers, etc.) but will need to purchase your ammo for all weapons apart from the .243 Bolt Action Rifle and the 12 GA Single Shot Shotgun, once you run out of the bullets/arrows.

What animals can I hunt as a Guest?

You can hunt the following animals for free.


An additional two animals are free to hunt. These species rotate on a weekly basis.
Guest accounts have a GUEST HUNTING part on the right side telling them the currently available animals.

Guest hunting info

Licenses Guests can of course also hunt animals for which they have purchased a short term license, for the duration of that license.

Can I see other animals?

You will be able to see other animals but, you can not hunt them. If you spot a species of animal other than the ones listed above and try to shoot it your weapon will lower and a message from Doc will appear letting you know that you do not have the correct licenses to hunt this specific animal. The same message also will appear if you spot an animal with your binocular.

Can I visit other reserves?


Can I start multiplayer sessions?

No, but you can join sessions that were started by other players.

How do I become a Member?

When logged in to theHunter web page, click on Upgrade/Renew at the top of the page and you will find the membership packages and details about what you get with each package.

Can I try hunting other species before buying a membership?

You can purchase 1, 7, or 28 day licenses for all current Animals. If purchasing a license, you will also need to have a permitted weapon and ammo for that Animals. You will need to purchase em$ in order to purchase licenses and additional items.

How do I purchase em$'s?

When logged in to theHunter web page, click on Buy em$ at the top of the page and you will find the options to purchase em$.

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