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What is it?

Gm$ (pronounced "gems") is a currency that can be earned through play and can be used to buy a select number of items in the store.

Earning Gm$

You earn gm$ by shooting animals and completing missions. The amount of gm$ earned for a kill depends on the CSS of the animal.

One exception are ground-shot birds with a "G" score. They don't have a CSS value, yet provide the same amount of gm$ as air-shot ("A") ones.


  • Some females do not have a score and will not earn you gm$.
  • All birds except Turkey do not have a CSS when shot on ground yet will get you gm$ regardless.
  • It is not possible to convert gm$ to em$ or vice versa.
  • The number at the top of the website showing your current gm$ balance might not always update immediately. You can check your balance at any time here.