The Hunter Wikia

Starting the Game

The game is played explicitly from Steam. To get out and hunt, create a character and start the game.

  • Select time of day to start the hunt and a hunting lodge of your choice as a starting position.
  • You may adapt the game settings within the launcher, such as the resolution, full screen mode, etc.

First Steps in the Game

When you have successfully installed the game, it's time to start immersing yourself in the world of the Evergreen Hunting Reserve. While hunting is the main activity in theHunter, The EHR offers much more than what's initially visible to the naked eye:

  • You are advised to play the Tutorials first.
  • Have a look at this formidable Successful Hunt guide.
  • It's suggested that you take a trip down to one of the Shooting Ranges for some practice starting out, get your hands steady and learn how to raise and shoot your weapon correctly.
  • Why not try your hands at some Clay Pigeon Shooting? There are newly installed ranges for your shooting pleasure. See if you can get a perfect score!
  • One of the Clay Shooting Ranges

    Perhaps you like to see how you stack up against some of our the hunters? Evergreen Reserves offers a wide range of exciting competitions for you to test your skills.