Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
The Search for Pakasuchus 100
Modern Fossil Requirement 200
The Brachiosaurus Lynx
  • Harvest an Eurasian Lynx with a weight of 23 kg (Approx. 51 lbs) or higher.
The Velocilynx 400
The Predator Becomes the Prey 600
Upgrading Equipment 800 Shoot one lynx but do not collect it. Rather mark or remember the place. Shoot a second lynx, harvest it, then return within 10 minutes to the first kill to harvest.
The Argentinosaurus Lynx
  • Harvest an unspooked Eurasian Lynx with a weight of 30 kg (Approx. 66 lbs) or higher at a distance under 20 meters (Approx. 65 feet).
The T-Lynx 1200
Pakasuchus 1800
A Distant Relative
  • Harvest an unspooked male Eurasian Lynx at 100% Harvest Value with a score of 9 or higher without penetrating any bones. Only organs may be hit.
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