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Hi Hunter My name is Ella Laurent. I am an old woman, at least old enough to not be able to go out and enjoy the nature that was once so important in my life. On top of that I am also alone. Edward, my love, died recently and I wish to reminisce on the things we did. I would really like it if you could help me out by doing what I and Eddie used to do and then tell me about it. Regards Ella

Places To Remember Today is our anniversary, or it would have been. We would have been married for 50 years if he was still with me. We never did anything special for it, well it depends on how you define special. Every moment with Eddie was special for me. Usually we went down to The Solitary End to watch the sunset together. On the way there we always saw tracks from wild animals and every now and then a Mallard flew by. It always calmed me and made it feel as if we were the only people in the world. It would be the perfect start on my trip down memory lane, please tell me that it is as beautiful as I remember it.
Ella's Heart At my age and condition it is easier to live in the memories. It brought tears to my eyes when you told about the beautiful nature that I walked through so often. Another place that meant a lot to me was, well I don't have any other name for it, my heart. Eddie told me that whenever he went out to hunt alone he always travelled to a place where the water was in the shape of a heart. He called it Ella's Heart. He said that he spent a huge amount of time at that place when he missed me and that he felt a bit closer when he was there. I was rarely there myself, never had a reason to expect when we happened to pass it on Deer hunting runs.
Sprouts Of Life I can barely remember how sweet he used to be to me, things like that place is so… breathtaking would best describe it I guess. He always went out of his way to make us spend more time together out in the nature. On Sundays we used to go out with a bit of food made from something he had hunted, roasted Mallard most often, to have a small picnic at the old Fort Stillwater Watchtower. During the last picnic we planted a seed each close to the entrance to the old ruin, his a bit close and mine further away. Of all the times we went there he didn't suggest it until the last time, as if he knew he was about to disappear from my life. I wonder if they have started to sprout yet.
E.L. <3 E.R. So his sprout had grown that much more than mine? I can't avoid thinking that it is one of his ways to show me that he is still around. Even though we did not go there much in the latter years, the dock at Riverhead Landing means a lot to our history. Once, a long time ago while we were swimming, he carved our initials into the downside of the end of the dock. It was in the very beginning of our relationship. You won't see the carving unless you decide to take a bath but just knowing that it is there warms my heart.
Protecting The Heart Eddie told me that there were some hogs that ruined the vegetation around my heart, I do not think he ever got rid of them. Could you get rid of them? That place means a lot to me and I would really like it if I knew that area would stay beautiful.
Mallard Date Every now and then we used to go Mallard hunting down at Laurent's Rest, one of Edwards family's old run down estates. It was very soothing to drag out our blue boat and lay down in wait in it, just the two of us. The Boat should still be there, lying upside down next to one of the houses. To be honest, we mostly just enjoyed each others company. The hunting was just a bonus.
Hunting Runs #1 We did not have guests very often, but when we did we went on hunting runs with them. There were 3 different routes that we used to take, depending on what we wanted to hunt.Our Feral Hog run was probably my favorite.
Hunting Runs #2 Eddies favorite was the Deer run. I used my .303 while Eddie used his .30-30.We most often rounded one of the lodges until we reached Knobby Point, by then nightfall would have arrived. Once there we all ate dinner at the flat part that is looking out towards the ocean. There is a small tree there that I remember, me and Eddie always sat next to it and looked out towards Bushrangers Run.
Hunting Runs #3 The last run we used to make is for Mallards. We did not have quite as strict route when we went for Mallards, it was more like taking a stroll than it was hunting. But we always managed to take some of them down anyway. Eddie always brought his .30-06 with him as well just in case we ran into a bear, which we did on occasion.
Fin My Eddie always loved his .30-06. I think he would be honored if you used one while hunting in our favorite spots, making a hunters true salute shots for him. It would really mean the world to me if you could do that.


Ella's Honey-Glazed Delicacy
Mrs. Ella Laurent, an old and well respected denizen of Rougarou Bayou, is organizing a charity dinner at her plantation house and needs your help. Provide the raw material for Mrs. Laurent's famous signature dish, 'Ella's Honey-Glazed Duck', and bring her the 10 biggest Mallard ducks you can catch.

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