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Electronic caller shockwave

Electronic Caller Shockwave

The E-Caller can be equipped with USB sticks attracting different animals.

Electronic caller usb lynx Electronic caller usb bobcat Electronic caller usb wolf
USB stick for
Eurasian Lynx
USB stick for
USB stick for
Grey Wolf

E-Caller Facts

  • It emulates the sound of distressed small game.
  • The attraction radius is 220m.
  • The button for Activation / USB Selection is "B" by default but can be changed in the settings.
  • The minimal distance to another e-caller is 400m.
  • Calling effectiveness does not stack with other lures.
  • If various callers are used, the e-caller takes the highest priority in attracting an animal.
  • Calling effectiveness does not increase when multiple e-callers are used.
  • Can be operated remotely from up to 40m away.
  • Up to 8 callers can be set up per reserve.
  • Can be heard by other players in MP.
  • Capacity Cost: 1 unit*
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