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Grizzly Bear Missions

Greetings, hunter. Folks around here know me as "Stone". I need your help concerning the Grizzly Bear population in Timbergold Trails. Turns out we may have a poacher problem in the reserve. See, the EHRCA has found a few bear bodies lying around, with their gall bladders, bile, and paws removed. It’s not pretty, I'll say that much. So, let’s make a deal, shall we? While I search for the poacher, or poachers, you make sure the bears are fine, and I’ll pay you. Got it?

Majesty at Best Before we can begin the operation, you’ll need to learn one or two things about grizzlies. They’ll behave like any bear you’ll normally see in the EHR, but they’re stubborn and aggressive at best. You won’t be able to walk right to one without getting charged. So, to begin, start the simple three step process; Track, Spot, Harvest. And please be quick, the slower you are the more bears are shot!
To Catch a Thief Excellent job, I think you’re ready to help me out. Alright, here’s what we know. There’s a team of at least four poachers in the reserve, and they’ve already taken out six grizzlies. We’ll have to make sure they don’t strike again. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to snatch one of their maps at their camp while they were out hunting. Seems they’re planning to hit a place in the middle of the reserve. Head there and see if you can spot them. Harvest a couple bears if you want to in the process.
From Afar Looks like the poachers never showed up, but I was able to get the bears you harvested out of there before they could find them. Alright, I guess we’ll have to take things up a notch. I feel you could possibly do some long-range spotting. Try to see if you can detect the poachers from a farther distance. Maybe practice your sharpshooting with some more bears in the process?
Fast and Precise I doubt we’ll be able to find them around here, I’ll get the bears out of here while you go and keep searching. Don’t ask why I do this, it’s unimportant to the mission. Now, go and hunt two bears. Both shot in the heart, with perfect value. Be quick, I might have another source of information on the poachers.
Silence is Key Seems like the poachers are hearing your gunshots, because I haven’t had any luck on finding them. Let’s see if we can be a little quieter. Yes, we’ll need archery on our side for this one. Grab yourself a compound bow and see if you can find the poachers. Harvest more bears, if you don’t mind.
Face to Face Unfortunately, I still didn’t see any poachers in the area. I got rid of the bears you shot before they appeared, thankfully. Wait… perhaps we need to trick these poachers. Yes, that’s it! I need you to grab yourself a handgun, we’ll be hunting one more grizzly. And this time, for fun, I want you to stare that sucker in the face and fire away!
The Trap is Set Very nice! I saw you from my hiding place. Now I’ve set the bear you shot at a place called “Brimstone”. I’ll wait for the poachers from there, see if you can drive them towards the trap with some gunshots. Go loud and proud, baby!
Trickery at Best Doc here, have you even realized what you’ve done?! Your friend, ‘Stone’, has lured you into his lies. There’s no group of poachers in Timbergold Trails. There’s only one poacher we’re dealing with, and that’s the guy who’s been making you shoot all those unfortunate grizzlies. We must take him down before things get worse for the bears! I’ll take care of any evidence that you shot the bears, so don’t worry about that. Now, I already have a plan in mind; we’ll lure him to our own trap. One more bear, for the greater good of Timbergold Trails!
Revenge is Sweet The trap is set, I’ve put on my camo suit and I’m waiting for ‘Stone’ as we speak. Just as a backup call, see if you can harvest a couple more bears in the same area. One with a rifle, one with a bow. Perfect value too, to preserve what 'Stone' wants.
One Final Trophy Doc here, looks like luck has deemed me worthy, I captured ‘Stone’! I’ll be bringing him down to the lodge to be picked up by the wardens. By the way, if you didn’t know, there’s a large male blonde grizzly bear roaming the reserve as we speak. That one appeared to be on our poacher’s bounty list, possibly to sell the skin or maybe he thought bigger meant more money. He should be worth a shot, you’ll need something good out of all this!
Dall Sheep Missions

Hello hunter! My name is Dolly Stone and I am the owner and business coordinator of the Ramshead Ski Resort located just outside of the EHR. Construction of the retreat was completed some time ago and we were scheduled to debut in only a few short weeks, but a catastrophe has occurred at the resort! Many of the decor items that we had ordered for our guest rooms and lobbies were damaged in transit as they were being delivered to us. We are located on a remote mountainside and the terrain around here can be perilous. Who knows how long it could take for another shipment of non-essential items to arrive! We are enlisting your help in order to gather some final touch furnishings for our resort. The theme of the lodge is one you may be familiar with and it stays true to the Ramshead name-- we need some all natural Dall sheep decor.

Flocking To The Hills First, we need you to prove to us that you are the right hunter for this job. Head out into the EHR and find some evidence of Dall sheep activity. If you can locate some tracks or, even better, spot a Dall sheep, I'll feel a lot more confident knowing that you're the one taking on this challenge. We're counting on you!
Don't Be So Sheepish So you located some sheep out there in the snowy mountains? That's great news! But this is where things start to get challenging. Not only do you need to be able to pick out those white, wooly beasts from their snowy domains, you'll need to be able to hunt and harvest them as well. Please bring me a Dall sheep to prove that you have the patience and endurance to hunt in these frigid lands and I'll officially hire you as the new decor coordinator of the lodge!
I Only Have Eyes For Ewe Now that you have proven yourself to be a competent Dall sheep hunter, it's time for the real work to begin. We are racing the clock to get the resort ready for its big opening debut! One thing that we really need to make the furniture stand out are some natural sheepskins. The soft hides can be draped over chairs, laid out to cover bed sheets, lined up on the mantel of a wood burning stove… they are such a universal accessory! Please, bring me three soft ewe hides so I can add them to our luxurious rooms.
If You Can't Dodge It Now that we have started sprucing things up around the lodge, I'm beginning to realize just how bland our dining room is. There is a large empty space in the center of the room and I'm just itching to put something there that would dazzle our guests. Some of the workers at the resort have suggested a small water fountain or a carved wooden statue but I have something very different in mind. I would like you to bring me a real Dall sheep ram that I can have the local taxidermist stuff and put on a beautiful pedestal. It has to be a big enough specimen to impress our visitors. And since I want a full-body mount, I would need the ram to have as little damage to the hide as possible. Please don't put any extra holes in it!
Hoofin' It That male Dall sheep in the dining room is just gorgeous! It really puts the "ram" in Ramshead Ski Resort. However, the dining room is only a small part of our retreat and we would like our guests to get the full sheep experience as soon as they enter our front doors. We could really use a pair of taxidermied ram heads so that one may hang on either side of the entrance to the main lobby. Since these heads might just be the first things that our visitors see when they enter the resort, I would like them to be in pristine condition. Please harvest the animals quickly and ethically, either with a heart or lung shot, so that they don't struggle and damage themselves. Also keep in mind that time is running out for getting the finishing touches just right inside of the lodge. It will really save us some time at the taxidermist's if you can harvest both rams in a single hunt.
No Ewes Crying Over Spilt Milk Remember those ewes I had you harvest before for their hides? Well, I just noticed that one of the hides that I received back from the taxidermist has a very unsightly hole in it. This just won't work with the rest of the furnishings in the lodge… everything has to be perfect on the opening day. Could you go back out to the EHR and collect another ewe for me so that I can replace this damaged sheepskin? This time, try to be very careful so that the hide won't come back irreparable. Make sure you're at least one hundred fifty meters away from the sheep before shooting and try to use a smaller caliber weapon so that there isn't such a big hole. A .243 rifle should be fine for the job.
Mutton For Punishment I can't believe how close we are to our big debut! Some of our investors will be coming to the resort later this week to take a look at how the lodge is coming along and to test out some of our slopes. Even though the decorations are coming along nicely, I want to do something that will really impress these individuals so that they know their money is in good hands. We are planning to break in our new kitchen appliances by hosting a dinner for the investors: one prepared carefully by our professional cooks. The main course will be a Dall sheep roast. We want to use the freshest meat possible in this dish so I am sending you out to the mountains again to bring the cooks back some fresh leg of lamb. It's worth noting that they are in disagreement amongst themselves as to which would be better to present at the meal, a tender ewe or a seasoned ram. So please bring me back a fair-sized specimen of each gender and they can decide what they want to do when it gets here.
Shear Delights The dinner with the investors was a success, but their departure means that we are in the final weeks before the big day! The lodge is so close to being done but it still needs a new finishing touches. Right now we have some plain, old, boring coat racks in the main lobby. I'm thinking we could get a little more creative than that. The last time I visited the taxidermist, I noticed a really unique coat rack hanging on his wall. I believe it was made from deer feet! I would like to replicate this comical style of coat rack in our lobby using sheep legs, so I am relying on you to go out there and harvest a couple more sheep for me. And since we are getting down to the final stretch, I need you to meet this goal as fast as possible.
The Black Sheep The Ramshead Ski Resort is scheduled to open at the end of this week and I'm both excited and terrified! You've done an excellent job bringing the Dall sheep theme to this lodge and I can't wait for the public to see how beautiful our lodge has become. But I have one last major favor to ask of you before the resort officially opens. You see, one of my employees came to me today with a photograph of a Dall sheep ram he had seen on a recent mountain climbing expedition. It was a very large specimen, much larger than any sheep I've ever seen in the mountains. I would love it if you could bring this sheep to me. We could stuff him and make him the centerpiece of the main lobby! We could even have a story about the ram printed on a little plaque and we'll place it on the display as well. It will be a testament to the wonderful work you've put into making this lodge a success, so make sure it is a clean kill. Please, don't let me down!
Put To Good Ewes Today was the grand opening of the ski resort. It was a major success, if I do say so myself! The lodge was filled with excited visitors, people from around the world were ogling your trophies, and everyone kept telling me just how attractive our new establishment is! Thank you for being a part of the success that is Ramshead Ski Resort! With thousands of guests projected to visit our lodge in the coming year, I'm sure they'll take a toll on our displays. As one last request, I would like to ask if you could bring me just a couple more sheep, preferably of varying sizes. We will save these animals and use them to replace our current furnishings as they become worn out. If you can bring us a good variety, we hopefully won't need to bother you with this project ever again!


One more for Dolly
Hello hunter! My name is Dolly Stone and I am the owner and business coordinator of the Ramshead Ski Resort located just outside of the EHR. I have a favor to ask you today, which I can assure you, will be generously rewarded. We used to have one big stuffed Dall Sheep in the middle of the hotel's main lobby. Unfortunately a nasty water leak from the lobby's ceiling has ruined it for good and we need to replace it. Would you go out there and get us a great looking Dall Sheep ram? We'll even have a story about your ram, printed on a little plaque and we'll place it on the display too. Just make sure it is a clean kill, one shot only!

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