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The Hunter Wikia
Doc.jpg Introduction

"Doc" is the Master Warden of the Evergreen Hunting Reserve. He helps train new hunters, guiding them on their way and emailing them reprimands when they use unethical ammunition or fail to collect their kills. While knowledgeable about many species and a professional in his field, Doc does occasionally have... odd requests. In his personal life, he's a man of simple desires; he prefers a fire-cooked meal of wild game over a restaurant dish. He's a social fellow, too, with friends and acquaintances scattered throughout the hunting community.

Doc is also the character to notify player using the website messaging system about

  • winning competition trophies
  • breaking the permitted ammo rules
  • not harvesting wounded animals by the end of a game session ("letter of Doc")


Whitetail Deer Missions

The mysterious woodsman and professional grumpy man, "Doc", invites you to a series of missions where you'll learn the basics of Whitetail Deer hunting while gaining increasing fame in the local community.

Track a Whitetail Deer Doc speaking. Remember me from the tutorials? Well, if you do, then you should be ready to take some deer on your own. Let's take it slow, though; you're still as green as they come. Find three tracks from the same animal to complete this mission.
Spot a Whitetail Deer Doc again. Once you've got the hang of Whitetail Deer tracking it shouldn't be hard to spot one. Keep the deer in your sights to claim the spot. Don't let it spot you back, though; it will ruin your chance of completing the next mission during the same hunt.
Harvest a Whitetail Deer Once you've spotted a Whitetail Deer it's time for the final step, the kill. Hold your breath, be calm, and go for a clean kill. When you've bagged your first trophy we can move on to something a little more challenging...
Take a 8pt Whitetail Deer You did it. You're a real natural, sure. What do you want? I slap you on the back and call you my "BFF"? Why do I always get 'em... Okay, you're now free to go hunting on your own, or you can take this other task I got that needs doing. A put-it-all-together kinda thing. Get out there and hunt a Whitetail buck. I need one with at least 8 typical points, mind! Abnormal points do not count.
A Favor for a Friend Hey there, it's your own personal watchdog Doc. A friend of mine, Max, the local taxidermist, has an order for a Whitetail Deer mount. I would help him myself but unfortunately I am all tied up with keeping an eye on naughty hunters. Maybe you could help him out? Keep an eye on the rack, it's got to be 10 typical points or better. Abnormals do not count. Good luck!
Dinner for a Week Hey y'all, my name is Monica and I'm the proud owner of the local fine dine Monica's Venison & Wine. Sometimes I tend to consume too much of the latter. Like last night when I got on the tipsy side and announced to the whooole wide world that yours truly is gonna hold an "All you can eat Whitetail Deer week" starting tomorrow. Well, that's all fine, except I got no Whitetail. Care to help me out? Two 150-pound Whitetail Deer bucks should keep my patrons happy while I treat this mysterious headache of mine.
Be Vewwy, Vewwy Qwiet Doc here. Heard you did some work for Monica. Nice lady she is, although I don't care for her wares. I prefer my meat almost raw, cooked in a tin can over an open fire, complimented with some handpicked mushrooms. But enough about me, this is about you! If you want to keep getting missions like these from the locals you need to sharpen your skills. Prove that you are a real Whitetail Deer expert by taking a Whitetail Deer Buck from within 46m (approx. 150 ft.).
The Long Shot Doc here. Seems you've got some proper sneaking skills after all. The locals weren't that impressed, though; I think it's time for a looooong shot. Take a Whitetail Deer Buck with 8 typical points or more from at least 115m (approx. 377ft.) and I'll bet you'll become some sort of local hero. Doc Out!
A Cull Dear Sir or Madam, the Evergreen Hunting Reserve Conservation Association has noticed that you possess skills suitable to take part in our efforts. We would like to assign to you the task of culling 2 Whitetail Deer does in preparation for the rut. Do this and we may consider you for membership in our exclusive association. - General Major Petersen, acting EHRCA President.
The Spotter, Pt. 1 Gaining friends in the EHRCA, are you? Don't let it go to your head. Their intentions are good but real hunters don't use words like Sir or Madam. A simple dude or duda is all you need, right? Anyway if you want to get more missions like this from organizations with fancy acronyms, you'd better learn how to use towers. Try spotting some Whitetail Deer from a tower to begin with, then proceed with the next mission.
The Spotter, Pt. 2 Once you've spotted some deer from a tower this shouldn't be a hard task. Simply harvest one of them. I don't care which one, just pick and shoot.
Big Rack Hey dude, it's Max. You know, Doc's taxidermist friend. I have another special order from another picky client. Needs to be a 12 point Whitetail this time. If you do this for me I'll buy you a round at the Whatever & Wine. Pretty sweet deal, right?
Big Score Dear candidate. The EHRCA high council has decided to take you in as a Level 1 Initiate. First, however, you'll need to pass a trial suitable for your skills. Locate and cull a Whitetail Deer that scores at least 150. They are truly rare but so are the opportunities to join the EHRCA. - Sgt. Miller, acting chief of the EHRCA Initiation Department.
Big Rack, up close! Level 1 Initiate... Wouldn't it be nicer to be called Level 2 Initiate? Well, you won't earn any titles idling in the lodge. There may be a way, though... One of the council members are looking for a fancy wall decoration. Fierce proponent of Buckshot, he is. Nice things could happen to the one that presents him with a 12 point Whitetail Deer, harvested with his beloved Buckshot. - Friendly but rather creepy whisper from the shadows of the EHRCA initiate lodge.
Shotgun Doe Cull Dear Level 2 Initiate. Even though I find your rapid advancement in our ranks rather suspicious it is my duty to assign you to a proper Level 2 task. Unsurprisingly, considering the high demand for bucks by the local hunters, there are too many does on the EHR. Therefore, it is your duty to harvest 4 Whitetail Does ASAP. One of our beloved council members recently harvested a 12pt Whitetail Deer using Buckshot and is now using this as an excuse to demand all initiates to use only Buckshot for said task. - Sgt. Miller acting chief of the EHRCA Initiation Department.
Nice Sidearm... It's soon time for the Level 3 Initiates to perform the Apprentice trial. Too bad you're still Level 2... Harvesting a Whitetail Deer with the a .44 Magnum Revolver despite the standing order to use Buckshot may win one some favors in the council, though. These restrictions are not popular, especially with the pending trial. - Excited and conspiratorial whispers from the darkest corners of the EHRCA compound.
I'll give you a Buck for each... ear Level 3 Initiates. Today is the day of the apprentice trial. Even though some of you have reached this level under... unusual circumstances, you will all be given the chance to gain the highly sought-after apprenticeship level of the EHRCA. An apprentice should be able to handle any weapon. The test is therefore to harvest 7 Whitetail Deer bucks with 7 different weapons. Fail and you shall be demoted back to Initiate Level 1, where most of you belong. - Sgt. Miller, acting chief of the EHRCA Initiation Department.
Pheasant Missions

The increasingly irrational Master Warden Doc has decided to make you a 'Ninja Pheasant Hunter'...

Call Me Having trouble scoring that long tail? Just follow my simple four step program and I promise that you'll become a certified Ninja Pheasant Hunter in no time! The first step is simple: Become the bird! It's fairly simple really; just move your head in a jerky manner, flap your arms and let out an emotional double cackle once in a while. Any Pheasants in the neighbourhood will greet you with open wings! You can then use their greeting calls to triangulate their positions with your HunterMate. Once you've spotted one I know you're ready for the next step.

Some final advice might be in order:

  • Your prey is very fond of the grassy plains in the Logger's Point reserve, especially down south.
  • It took me two years in a Pheasant flock to master their speech so unless you have the time and don't mind a diet of seeds I recommend that you get yourself a greeting caller.
  • Try to imitate the sound they make, it's a guaranteed conversation starter.
Straight Flush You did well! You were so convincing I almost filled you with BIRDSHOT! It's time for step number 2. This time you'll have to bag one. Yes! It feels a bit iffy to bag your new friends, but that's life eh? Once you've located your feathery fellows then ready your shotgun and make a sound (default key: T). Up they go, BANG, BANG, down they come. Remember that it has to be shot in the air. At least 6 feet (2m) above the ground. Don't ask why just do it, OK? Personally I tend to catch them with my bare hands but as you are still a bit green I recommend that you use a shotgun loaded with birdshot. If you want a challenge though, you are of course also welcome to use other permitted weapons such as a .22 Pistol or the bow.
Run n' Gun Impressive SHOOTING! You are making GIANT LEAPS towards ninjahood, but I am afraid that there is one more technique that you'll need to master. Instead of whistling you can just walk toward them. Once you're close enough they will flush right IN YOUR FACE. Let me tell you it's a fantastic rush! Make it a rooster this time and remember to load up with birdshot; you don't want your gun to be spitting slugs when the action starts.
Graduation Day You are ready. Ready for your final exam. It's a simple request, bag me a rooster scoring 21 or more and I'll declare you Master Pheasant Hunter. One final piece of advice, don't shoot yourself in the foot. It may seem like a good idea at first, but dude... it makes river dancing real hard.
Dinner For Two I usually hunt Pheasants for my mate Lucas down at the bar. Unfortunately I am too busy writing angry e-mails so I don't have time for his latest request. Apparently he has two important suits coming over from China and he wants to impress them with a slice of the local wildlife. Bag two fat Pheasant hens and you'll get free refreshments for the night. Two airborne hens weighing at least 2 pounds to be specific. And PLEASE use the RIGHT ammo, I'm getting major keyboard cramps!
Lucas's Challenge Doc here, Lucas was so impressed with your skills that he wants to challenge you. It's a simple deal. Bag three Pheasant roosters scoring more than 22 during a single hunt and you'll get an honorary plate in the bar. Pretty unfair if you ask me, with my awesome training you should be able to do it IN YOUR SLEEP.
A Family Matter Doc here, the EHR Conservation Association has asked me to chase off a group of Pheasants down in Canyon Creek but I have a date with a doe. A doe, you know a female. She's even of my own species! We met in one of these ridiculous anger management classes that the government forces me to partake in. But enough of this, talking about myself makes me MAD! Bag two Pheasants under the bridge and you're done. Why? Because that group of birdies are attracting coyotes that scare off the hippies. Isn't it OBVIOUS?!
Pheasant Cowboy Doc here, I got another challenge from Lucas. Don't ask about the date thinking about it makes me ANGRY! Just read the challenge OK? Lucas: "I know you like that plate we have back here but wouldn't it be better to have a mug that's always filled with your favorite beverage? Head out and bag a Pheasant with a .22 Pistol and you'll never go thirsty again!" Pretty sweet right? I would do it myself but I only drink morning dew from a Duck's beak. Remember no rifles, I am always watching!
Shock 'n Awe Got another job from the Association that I am too busy to do. The Management wants to solve this Coyote problem for good. Some pencil pusher has devised a plan with a fancy name and no brain. They call it: 'Operation Shock 'N Awe' and the idea is to spread fear into the Pheasant population with a series of widespread attacks. Basically they want you to bag Pheasants in three different parts of Logger's Point. And yes, you have to take them in the air. Why? Because I'm having a bad hair-day! Make me proud young grasshopper!
A Challenge You Can't Refuse Lucas has another message for you: 'You are ruining me man! Tell you what, if you go out and bag a Pheasant with the bow I'll give you the whole darn bar.' I think the plan is to keep you occupied and away from it... I would aim above the bird, that bow is a bit slow.
Feral Hog Missions

Help Doc and the mysterious Dr. Canella investigate oddities in the Feral Hog population.

On the Matter of Pigs Doc here, Got a message from some egghead biologist about tracking Feral Hogs that you may find interesting. They guy is called Dr. Otto Canella, he's a local biologist specializing in Hog genetics. The message: 'Dear Doc, I need someone to help me track the spread of Feral Hogs in the Logger's Point reserve. My rather pesky colleague claim they only roam the south but I am convinced otherwise. If you, or one of your friends, could locate a track from a Feral Hog in the north, the middle and in the south part of the reserve we could settle this argument once and for all!' Friends eh? A proper woodsman has no time for that kind of rubbish but I do think that you are qualified for this mission.
Blowing in the Wind You did a good job finding all those Feral Hog tracks but do you have what it takes to get close to one? I bet you've never been closer than a 100 yards. It's not as easy as one might think, sure their eyes are bad, but them piggies can smell you a mile away! Tell you what, harvest a Hog from under 150 feet and I'll eat my hat!

I'm a really nice guy so I'm going to give you some pointers:

  • Check the wind direction, you don't want piggy to be downwind of your position. Get a wind indicator if you have to.
  • Use a Range Finder if you are unsure what 150ft would be to your objective.
Squealer I REALLY LIKED THAT HAT! Attract two Hogs, during the same hunt, to the Lake Area in Logger's Point and I'll shave my moustache. Did I really eat my hat? Of course I did, I'm a man of honor and peculiar meal habits. Now, do you want my moustache or not? Bag both of them in the Lake Area, you know the one with three lakes in the northern part of Logger's Point. You may want to use Hog scent to attract them, or a caller. Squeal 'n puff and them piggies will come!
Electric Lady Land Ah, the wind against my chin... thanks for giving me an excuse to shave it. Now feel the honor! The EHR Conservation Association has a job for you. I still have my mustache? Of course I do. It grew back, thanks to my peculiar habits. Anyway, the Association wants you to save their powerstation. Apparently a group of aggressive Hogs have been causing a lot of damage to it. The Powerstation is down south on Logger's Point. It's a tough group of Hogs but if you down two of them the rest should scatter. If you use a fast repeating weapon such as the .30-06, a side by side or a revolver you might even be able to take both in one strike!
All Along The Watchtower Good job taking care of those Hog raiders, sometimes those piggies get a bit out of line. This Canella fellow has another job for you. He wants you to bag a Hog from every tower in Logger's Point. Apparently it's for a genetics study of some sort. Patience is king while hunting from towers, but you can radically improve your odds by using scents and callers.
Unnatural Selection Dr. Canella was very pleased with your samples, they where so good that he immediately used them to create some kind of Monster Hog. A lab creation, a MISFIT, a FREAK! And it got loose. Care to bag it before it breeds? We don't know where it is but it shouldn't be hard to recognize as the beast weighs more than 400 pounds. Good luck!
Uninvited Guests Excellent work in bagging that Monster Hog, no telling them horrors if it got to breed. The EHRCA has another job for you. There have been a lot of complaints about Hogs disturbing the peace in South Campsite on Logger's Point, they need someone to cull the area south of the Field Lodge. One catch though, they don't want potential tourists in the area to be scared off by gunshots so you'll have to use the compound bow. Bag three Hogs with the bow in the area south of the Field Lodge and you're done.
Eye of The Hog Hey camper! We've got another problem, a big one. Remember that Monster Hog? Well it managed to breed before you bagged it and now we have a pack of monsters roaming Logger's Point. It's bad! It's unnatural and wrong! I see no other option than to kill the Queen. But before you face her, you need to sharpen your skills. This is no ordinary sow. Bag a Hog with each of the most powerful weapons available; the .300, a .44 Magnum Revolver and a shotgun with Slug ammo to prove that you're ready. But hey, that's no challenge you say! Well, it would be if you had to take 'em all in one hunt, which you're going to do. Make me proud!
Range Finder Excellent! You now know how to handle the big guns. But you'll also need to be able to take a Hog at any range. You'll have no time for a second shot once you face The Queen! You've already proven that you can take Hogs at close range but how is your aim beyond 150 feet? In order to prove that you're ready you'll need to bag a Hog from the following distances with just one shot:
  • Between 60.96 meter and 76.2 meter (approx. 200 & 250 ft.).
  • Between 91.44 meter and 106.68 meter (300 & 350 ft.).
  • Between 121.92 meter and 137.16 meter (approx. 400 & 450 ft.).

You'll also need to use a scope, shooting animals without one from these distances may force me to send you an e-mail full of U-words! I would use a rifle but any scoped weapon will do.

God Save the Queen Congratulations, you're now ready to face the Queen. Although I would write a proper will just in case. It's bad it is. This is no ordinary Hog! She'll rip you to pieces and than feed you to her wicked offspring. But if you still want to do this she was last spotted under the bridge in Canyon Creek. Piebald, she is. Terrorizing the creek with wicked furry and an awkward looking coat! Off with you, I have to preparing the beaver skin coffin.
Red Deer Missions

Doc wants to teach you a little bit about Red Deer. He also wants to teach you some manners. And teach the Red Deer some manners too. It's all very complicated.

Easy Going Doc here. I suppose you are interested in hunting the proud Red Deer of Hirschfelden. Well, just head on out and don't let me stand in your way. I'll just have myself a ginger ale and relax a bit.
Drill Sergeant Doc What the heck?! I was being sarcastic! You can't just waltz out there and shoot one. You need to know the basics first. What's wrong with you kids these days? Now, get out there and TRACK a Red Deer. No funny business. See if you can spot one too. And ID a call. In that order. And that's an order.
A Touch Of Class Now that is more like it. Since you've been a rascal and already proven you know how to take down a Red Deer I'll let you aim for the bigger leagues: This time get a stag with some class.
Prime Cuts Now, many a hunter go out there desperate for antlers to show off to their buddies. However, Red Deer is mighty yummy. And you can't eat antlers, no matter what those infomercials say! Go out there and get me some prime venison cuts.
Meat Robbery Monica of Monica's Venison and Wine heard I got me some Red Deer meat so she called up and got dibs on them first ones you shot. So, I need a special favor from you. Use a 12 GA O/U Shotgun, load it up with slug ammo and punch some big holes in that meat. That way Monica won't want any.
Surgical Precision OK, so that wasn't my brightest idea. Turns out there is a good reason for Monica to turn down meat that looks like Swiss cheese. Yeah, so go out there and use a more precise weapon and shoot it right through the heart. Also, it is my very recent new firm belief that a hind has more tender meat than a stag so go for the females.
All In It is time to get serious about hunting Red Deer. No more shenanigans, horseplay or such. This has to be done, in order, by the book. Get out into the forest and track, spot and harvest four Red Deer. Two females, and two males. Keep your back straight. Don't slouch around like a badger.
Shame On You See? Now that proves my point, which is...uhm...dang! You made me forget. You and all your ramblings. Go sit in the Ground Blind and think about what you did. Nab a couple of Red Deer from a safe distance while you're out there.
On The Arrogance Of Deer Now, as I was saying. You just can't trust a Red Deer. They are snooty, arrogant and well versed in deceitful tactics. Take the Mule Deer in comparison. Humble, welcoming and honest. Trust a Mule Deer to tip their hat at you while on a morning stroll or to lend a hoof if you are in a tough spot. A Red Deer couldn't care less, always preoccupied with their next scheme. Perhaps you need to show them who's who. Get real close with a .308 Handgun and pop one.
Leaving The Nest So you think old Doc's finally lost it? You see, this has all been in preparation for your final test. It was all just an act to get you to rely solely on yourself, so that you wouldn't come crying to me. The next test is to take down a stag with a major rack. Stick with .308 ammo, but use a rifle Me, I am going to relax in the tub. Just filled it up with ginger ale. Good for the mustasch, that ginger ale.
Canada Goose Missions

Doc is not impressed by the Canada Goose.

Alright Then: Prove It Well, first of all it sounds like a spelling error: “Wanna go out and hunt goose? Why sir, don't you mean moose? I most certainly do! Then moose it is! Huzzah!” And moose hunting is fun hunting. Don't believe me? Well then go out and do a little comparison.
Off On The Wrong Foot Yup. Told you so. The goose loose to the moose. What? You choose goose? You got a screw loose? Get out of here and talk to your precious geese then. Geez...
The Standard Procedure OK, so perhaps I have been a bit too harsh. Maybe there is more about the Canada Goose then I am willing to admit. So let's both embark upon an expedition to get to the bottom of this conundrum. I propose a classic concept: We go out and kill a few.
Easy Riding Still not fun enough for a man of my distinguished taste and rugged charm. Perhaps the key is to simplify our whole approach here. Keep it simple. You know, take it down a notch.
Full Throttle Kick it up a notch! We got to kick it up a notch! I almost fell asleep there. Let's paint the...clouds...grey? With birdshot? Is that how that saying goes?
Surgeon With A Shotgun A whole lotta good that did. I mean, yeah sure, lot's of boom, but not enough kaboom. So next let's whip out the old 9.3 and show them geese what we really can do. Not permitted? I knew that. But still, we could try to keep a distance and do some sniping with those shotguns. Let's try it in different parts in Hirschfelden just to confuse them. And us. Keep a distance of about 100 meter (approx. 328 ft.) from the river so we know what's what.
Antiquated Measurements That was a lot harder than I thought. But did it give me the old familiar goose bumps? Nope. Hey, let's focus on the big ones instead. I say we go out there and we don't return until we bag a 200 kg goose. They don't come that big? 200 lbs then? No? Fine, a couple of geese each weighing 200 Salerno libras then. That OK? That's what I thought, Einstein.
Trickery In The Name Of Justice No, no. It just doesn't get me hooked. Maybe it is their “no frills” attitude. No antlers, no spurs or tusks. And still they walk around like they own the place! I mean, they have practically ruined the amazing Hirschfelden beaches. Or Hirschy Shore as I call it. In fact, let's take a blind, decorate it to look like a beach side bar, lure the geese in and pop ‘em when they are close!
A Light At The End Of The Tunnel? That was moderately fun. They are not the brightest of the bunch are they? They make Turkeys look as smart as gentlemenspace cadets. Let's try a handgun to see if they even see that as a threat. They might just shrug it off as a little cute harmless baby shotgun.
Like In The Olden Days Now we are getting somewhere! Screw shotguns! You gotta mix it up! I'm going native on these yokels.
Arctic Fox Missions

Doc is becoming worried again. This time it has something to do with Arctic Foxes.

Skittish Hi. Your old friend Doc here. Some of the locals have reported hearing strange noises around the lodge. I have a hunch what it might be but I would like you to investigate the matter before jumping the gun. I suggest you head East from Danforth's Refuge and see what you can find.
Seeing is Believing I knew it! Just couldn't believe they are moving this far East. These little critters sound similar to the Sitka's in the area but if you listen real careful, you will notice the difference. With winter just starting, the hunting season for Arctic Fox is on the way, let's see if you can shoot one.
Winter Pairs With winter upon us it is nearly breeding season for the foxes, they are known for forming pairs during the winter months to raise the pups, sometimes even family members will pitch in. By now they should have shed the brownish fur for a thick white coat, so keep your eyes peeled and bring me one of each gender.
North vs South Some fishermen are reporting sightings far east of Kosatka harbor and local deer hunters have reported sightings near Tatanka Hot Springs. The population must be good this season.
Oblivious Bang That old .243 should serve you well on this mission. The easiest way to get them is to take them down before they know what is coming. A single shot from the .243 should do the trick. If you can get a couple of these in the same hunt there is nice reward in it for you.
Close Up Shot This will be a true test for you. This time you will need to get up close and personal, almost look him right in the eyes. These guys are truly unique and a sight to behold. I have a couple of tools you could try if the job at hand is too much for you too handle. Remember to have the wind in your face and to be very quiet, any movement will make them run.
2 for 1 Buckshot is the order of the day, those furry critters won't stand a chance. See if you can bag a couple using buckshot. With a little patience you could lure a couple at a time and make this a real quick job, if your trigger finger isn't all frozen that is. I'll have a nice reward for you when you are done.
The Big Dog I saw some real big paw prints around the lodge, there are some big dogs out there this season. This job should really test your tracking skill, see if you can shoot a couple of these. I want you to get 3 of at least 6kg. You will have to track them quickly before the prints snow over and you lose the trail.
Shivers In the old days we didn't have the luxury of these modern high magnification rifle scopes. This time we are doing it old school. I want you to get 3 foxes and only use the iron sights. Don't shiver too much! This job might prove too hard for normal tactics, try to make use of the tripod stand to give you a more stable shooting platform.
Flush This will be your ultimate test, it's time to put everything you have learned so far to use. With the upcoming competitions your skills need to be sharp so treat this as your final exam. You will be tested with every type of ammunition. I will have a generous reward waiting for you once you completed all of them.
Traditional Bow Missions

Doc here. I received a strange letter today from the eggheads over at the Natural History museum that I think you should take a look at. Sirs, While preparing an exhibit on primitive skills, we at the museum have discovered that, while we have tremendous volumes of academic information on the subject, there have been no practice studies of traditional bow hunting. We would like to request the help of the Evergreen Hunting Reserve in remedying this situation. We have decided that the use of non-compound bows as well as animal calls and scents will be acceptable tools, however, the use of blinds, stands and towers must be avoided. Animals must be stalked and harvested in a primitive manner in order for the information to be useful to the museum staff. We will be looking forward to further correspondence and patiently awaiting results. Thank you, Wesley R. Coventon, curator. Museum of Natural History Anthropology dept. Well, as you can see, they need our help. The museum has sent me several requests that they would like to see accomplished and I am passing them along to you. This is not going to be easy and you should only agree to these requests if you feel you have the skills to stalk and harvest any animal needed using only traditional bows. If you think you've got what it takes, I have the first mission ready.

Sustainability The first thing the museum wants is a passel of rabbits, here is the request. While many Native American tribes survived on larger game such as Moose, Elk and American Buffalo (Bison) it was the small game that often sustained the individual family unit. At the end of an unsuccessful hunt a rabbit was a welcomed gift from the Great Spirit that could mean the difference between survival and starvation.
Big Game Good work on those little critters, now it's time for bigger game. European rock drawings and cave paintings reveal that Moose have been hunted since the Stone Age. Moose antlers in wooden hut remains from 6000 BCE indicate some of the earliest Moose hunting in northern Europe. In order to create an accurate display we need to know how primitive man manage to hunt such a large animal?
Accuracy Primitive survival depended on the success and accuracy of available tools. The museum folk want to know how accurate a Longbow really is.
Pork Recipe Perhaps the most ancient written record of the use of recurve bows is found in the Bible, which is dated by most scholars to the eighth century BC. The pig is one of the first domesticated animals: its remains in some archeological excavations have been found to date earlier than the bones of cattle. In Jericho, archeologists unearthed domesticated pig bones in soil layers predating 7000 BCE. Excavations in the East Indies and Southeastern Asia show evidence of domesticated swine at about the same time. Some of the first written recipes for pork are from China, where the pig has been an integral part of agriculture for thousands of years. Wherever pigs are being raised it is inevitable that some will escape, Feral Hogs can be found as an invasive species on almost all continents.
Up Close and Personal So, you've handled all of the challenges so far and passed with, shall I say, almost flying colors. Up to this point, the animals that you have taken have been either large, dumb, or a bit of both. Now we are going to take all of the skills that you have accumulated and put them to work: Harvest a Whitetail buck with at least ten points from within 25 meters. These deer are skittish, and it takes skill and patience to get a quick, clean kill from a short distance without spooking them. Although the natives may have used a crude brush blind you can not be complete these objectives with the aid of treestands or blinds. However, the natives did use scent covering. They used smoke from green plants thrown onto a fire. Scent Eliminators has certainly come a long way, and I highly recommend that you use some for this mission. Otherwise, play the wind, take your time, and bring home a trophy worth bragging about. For this mission you may use the traditional bow of your choice.
Testing Your Stealth Congratulations! You have taken on a worthy foe and won, using only the humble stick bow. That is a true accomplishment. Now, on to bigger game. The Black Bear is no easy opponent. His eyes are poor, but his nose and ears are incredibly sensitive. Getting within bow range is going to take some doing, but after seeing the bamboozle that you put on that buck, I feel that you are up to the task. In native American culture, a man who went out and killed a bear was considered one of the bravest, and a true warrior. See if you can add your name to the list by bringing down a male Black Bear from within thirty meters. Be careful, you never know whether these bruins will flee or fight if they know that you're there. Once again, feel free to use whatever traditional bow that you wish. A well placed arrow does the same thing no matter what it comes out of.
Go Paleolithic The earliest artistic depictions of humans hunting Wild Boar date back to the upper Paleolithic, as far back as 50,000 years ago. There is no need for you to go as far back as the Stone Age, the use of a Recurve Bow should supply the museum with the information they need.
Getting Serious with Stealth Wolves by nature, are social animals, they live and hunt together. It is this social structure that led to a harmonious cohabitation that is evident in the relationship between man and dogs that we see today. However, not all canid species are social or able to be successfully domesticated, the Fox and the Coyote are two examples of the latter. Primitive man would have seen Coyotes and Foxes as unwelcomed trespassers, these "tricksters" were often hunted for their fur. We need you to harvest three specimens using the bow of your choice.
Specific Accuracy Deer were an important staple in most primitive societies, to assure accuracy in our exhibits we require information on larger, more intelligent bucks. Older, more mature bucks are harder to get close to. To prove that getting a deer requires more than luck, we want you to harvest an animal with specific attributes using the Heavy Recurve Bow.
Going Uphill We have tested your stalking skills, your bravery and your determination and we have one last test for you. The information you supply with this last mission should be enough for us to present a realistic set of displays pertaining to primitive hunting. You will need all of your skills to successfully harvest this skittish species.
Polar Bear Missions

Doc here! I've heard some disturbing news that there are some polar bears mauling innocent researchers by northern Whiterime Ridge and I was wondering if you could take a look. Unless those reseachers are throwing rocks at the poor things then I don't see why they would spontaneously attack people. I'll be watching you from a distance to see if you run into anything suspicious.

An Odd Predicament Let's start with picking up some tracks or droppings. I can't even begin to wonder what's gotten into those bears. I'd go with you but I've unfortunately forgotten or misplaced my arctic gear! I'll try and catch up with you on my snowmobile later once I dig out a spare set of winter clothes. Good luck out there hunter!
Suspicious Findings *Pant* *pant* For some reason I apparently also lost the keys to my snowmobile but I've managed to catch up to you on foot! I've forgotten just how beautiful this reserve is on sunny days. I'll take this track data back with me to the researchers' lab and perhaps we can figure out what's going on. Perhaps you can go on a hunt in the meantime? I think it would do you some good to get refreshed on bear huntin'.
A Shocking Discovery Hunter! I'm so glad I found you. We've gotten results back from those track samples you picked up. Apparently there are traces of tainted fish bones in those tracks and this is causing them to become more aggressive than usual! Someone is obviously up to some highly unethical shenanigans and we need to find this person and send him an aggressive letter of erm... "reprimandation"! That, or just escort him out of the reserve for questioning. First things first though, we need to collect dropping samples. We might be able to find more traces of this poison then the researchers should hopefully be able to come up with some sort of remedy for the poor bears. We need to get to the bottom of this!
Someone's Prowling Around These Parts I think we have a criminal on our hands, hunter. I could have sworn someone was spying on me from a cliff by the mountain near Kosatka Harbour. I think we're going to have to lure him out somehow. Why don't you head over there and find yourself a polar bear that we can taxidermy. Then, we will position it in an open spot near the harbour and see if he shows his ugly face. I'll get myself set up by a tower or treestand nearby.
Signs of the Culprit It seems that our plan didn't work out as I'd hoped. He already knew what we were up to from the looks of it. I spotted him by one of the abandoned cargo ships off the coast, not sure how he even got there to be perfectly honest. I did however notice that he was wearing a lab coat which is sparking my curiosity as to whether the researchers have anything to do with this. I'm going to head back to the lab to investigate. You stay out here and see if you can find any more traces of this unknown culprit. He will probably be going after more bears in the area.
Making Some Noise Hunter! I've talked to the researchers back at the lab and none of them know the identity of the mysterious bear culprit. They did find out that one of their lab coats was missing... just like my arctic gear. This is becoming more fishy by the second! That's it! If we can't lure the culprit to us then we will drive him out through fear. Time to bring out your big guns my friend.
Clearing the Path Aha! I think that did it, I can spot him with my binoculars making his way for... my snowmobile?! So that's what happened to my keys! Quick, hunter, we need to take the shortest route and catch up with him! I cannot believe he managed to steal so many things from right under my moustache. There might be several angry bears on our way there so I hope you're prepared for a fight!
In Pursuit of the Truth Great shooting hunter! We've forced him towards the northern part of the reserve. Let's make our way over and confront him. Unfortunately it looks like there are a few bears in our way so maybe you can distract them while I take a detour and make sure he doesn't find a way to escape. Here, take this other walkie-talkie. I'll notify you once I've grabbed ahold of the one who started this whole bear-demic! Luckily, I brought a trusty pair of premium EHR handcuffs!... or wait, did I forget them by the lodge?
Bear-demic *Pzzt* Hunter, do you hear me? It looks like we have a real dramatic turn of events on our hands. I managed to rip off the culprit's face mask while I was in pursuit. It turns out that this perpetrator was in fact not a "he" but a "she"! Angelica Rodriguez has, once again, returned to the EHR, even after we exiled her. I have no idea what her motives are but we cannot let her have her way! Shoot, it looks like there are several more polar bears blocking your path to her. What on Earth did she feed them?! I only brought my binoculars with me so I'm leaving this in your hands. I'll make sure she doesn't get away in the meantime!
The Puppet Ohoho! I see you've finally caught up with me, hunter... and Doc. Since you're here maybe you could stop sending me these pointless e-mails and threaten me in person for my "unethical" poisoning of the bears. I'll have you know that I'm not poisoning them but merely feeding them a special recipe of mine. It sort of bends their will to my own so that they no longer need to live their pointless lives but can instead serve under my animal army. You see, I have ambitious plans of taking total control of the EHR and what better animal to utilize than the fierce polar bear? Now then, I'm quite busy so I'll have my favorite personal pet take care of you two on your way out. Adieu!


Pheasant Cacciatore Wedding Frenzy
Howdy hunter, it's Doc again. 'La Bella Vita', our local Italian restaurant, is willing to pay good money for a large amount of Phesants. And by 'large' I mean HUGE. As many as you can catch. They will need to cater for a big wedding party next week, so this is your chance: go out in the fields, by yourself or with your best mates, and start harvesting Pheasant like there's no tomorrow.

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