The Hunter Wikia

Gameplay Characteristics

  • You can place mobile field/archery targets and shooting mats anywhere in a reserve on flat ground.
  • Players can assemble deployable targets into their very own shooting range in any reserve.
  • They can be used in multiplayer shooting competitions via the in-game 'F3' menu.
  • Points are only distributed (F3) when a target is shot while using any Deployable Shooting Mat.
  • Up to 30 deployable targets of any kind can be set up in each reserve at the same time.
  • All such equipment can be dismantled and moved.

Deployable Target Equipment

Find the full list of deployable target equipment in the Store.

Shooting Mats

  • To use a mat, approach it and once the option appears, press 'E' and follow the prompts in the radial menu.
  • While on the mat you will not consume ammunition, all shots will be registered on the scoreboard (in Multiplayer only) and you can not shoot at animals.
  • While on the mat a player can not walk or run, but can enter any firing stance (standing, crouching and prone).
  • Firing from the mat will spook animals.
  • The shooting mats remove foliage when placed on the ground to assist with a clearer field of vision.
  • Shooters do not have to be bound to one mat.
    • You can set up a shooting course.
    • For example a competitor could start at mat A, having to shoot 3 targets, with 3 bullets in X amount of time. Then run to mat B and shoot the next lot of targets with whatever house rules have decided and then move on etc.
  • To leave a mat, press 'E' again.
  • There are 3 different variations of mats, all provide the same function.

Animal Targets

  • There are 3 animal silhouettes you can pick from, a Rabbit, Deer and Bear.
  • Each animal type comes in three different color variations, White, Black or Black with a Red Outline.
  • There are no difference in functionality between the color variations.
  • Each animal scores different points when hit in the red bell (Rabbit 7, Deer 5 and Bear 3)
  • If you are close enough, you will get a very satisfying 'ding’ noise to confirm you have hit.
  • To avoid FPS dropping
    • Bullet holes will always show if you hit the bell.
    • Over 120m, the bullet decals will not show anywhere else on the animal models.
  • Hitting the target in the bell will give you shot information in the bottom right corner, points and distance.

Field and Archery Targets

  • There are various different target variations to select from.
    • The more rings a variation has, the more points can be scored when shot.
    • The smallest being 1-3 and the largest being 1-10, depending which ring you hit.
    • Cubes only show if they were hit (1) or not (0).
  • Targets on a swing arm will rock back when hit.
  • Archery targets are designed for closer bow shots.
  • Field targets are designed for the longer shots, but also add more variation compared to the animal targets
  • If you are close enough you will hear the impact on the field target, 'ding’.
  • Hitting the target will give you shot information in the bottom right hand corner, points and distance.
  • The targets show bullet/arrow holes at any shot distance.

Deployable Target Marker Flags

Deployable marker flags.png

These flags can be used as a practical way of marking the shooting position or a good hunting path.

Tournaments and F3 Information

Shooting tournament f3 info.png


  • Can be accessed by pressing F3 in multiplayer games.
  • Only a host can clear the scoreboard of scores.
  • Total Score: A player's total score that has been accumulated by shooting Targets.
  • Total Shots: The total number of shots taken while on a Shooting Mat.
  • Efficiency: The average score worked out on how many shots have been taken.
  • Accuracy: The percentage of shots that have hit the targets.