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The Deployable Hunting Tower was added to the game on the 9th of September 2014. [1]. It is meant to be a permanent item that you cultivate over multiple hunts, just like a bait sites, not a light tripod that you carry around and deploy when you see a deer. The construction and deconstruction time of 24 hours seems a long time to wait while in-game, but constant moving around is not the intended use of this item. You set it up on one day and hunt from it on the next. Not everyone will enjoy this kind of gameplay, but then there already are four other types of Hunting Stands for less patient players. Players that do not enjoy planning and management will less likely use it.

When a guest of an MP party finds a tower in the game they should feel that this is a permanent item that the host has put some thought into. Not everyone will have the patience to engage this item, and it will give some credit to the host of such a game if well placed.

Store Description

Are you one of those people that never would like to be seen in a public hunting tower? Then this is for you! We will deploy your very own hunting tower anywhere you like. We guarantee deployment in 48 hours and if you feel like moving it: We'll get over there and take it down in 48 hours. No matter where you want it built, we will get it done! Or undone!


  • Build time: 24 real time hours (whether you play the game or not)
  • Dismantling time: 24 real time hours (whether you play the game or not)
  • Establish a new permanent hunting tower at almost any location
  • Up to 7 can be set up in each reserve at the same time
  • Up to 2 hunters can use it at the same time


  • Visual Reduction: Very Good
  • Scent Reduction: None
  • Sound Reduction: None

During one minute after placement, dismantling time is ignored. After that dismantling takes as long as the build time has progressed.

Construction / Deconstruction

The tower is located under Equipment / Constructibles in the lodge inventory. You are actually not carrying around any material when you take a tower on your hunting session. You are only carrying a permit, which explains the low Capacity cost of 0.5.



  • Place the tower. There will be a bunch of boards and a toolbox.
  • You can cancel the building of the tower right after the placement and do not lose any time.
  • If you let the tower build for 10 hours and decide to dismantle, the dismantling time will also be 10 hours.
  • After 50% (12 real time hours) there will be a new construction phase, i.e. the tower will be half built.
  • After 100% (24 real time hours) the tower will be fully built and can be used.
  • Animals get scared at the moment of the tower placement.
  • During the 24 hours construction process there is no spook effect.

When the tower is fully built, a message will appear in the first hunting session:



  • Walk to the toolbox at the tower, which is on the left side when facing the ladder.
  • Press "E" and select "Deconstruct"
  • You can cancel the deconstruction using the same menu.
  • Dismantling of a fully built tower takes 24 real time hours.
  • Animals do not get scared by starting the deconstruction.
  • To fully remove the tower from the map, you must enter the reserve and come within rendering distance of the tower.
  • The tower will stay on the map until you come close to it. A message will then confirm the removal from the reserve.

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Construction Phases

Phase 1 (0 - 49% completion)


Canceling the Construction


Phase 2 (50 - 99% completion)


Phase 3 (100% completion)


Map Icons

Construction Completed Deconstruction
TowerConstr3.png TowerConstr7.png TowerConstr5.png



TheHunter_Deployable_Hunting_Tower_Placement,_Under_Construction_and_Ready_to_Use_in_HD Video provided by Sphyrna.
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