Daily missions can be found in the Missions section in the Launcher or Website. As they are meant to be completed in one day, Daily Missions are quite simple and do not require specific weapons or equipment.

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  • Each day every player receives a new daily mission (DM) to complete. Different players will receive different DMs.
  • As long as you do not miss a DM, you maintain your "streak".
  • Skipping or failing to complete a DM will break your streak and will bring you back to day one.

Differences to Regular Missions

  • Regular missions must be activated. This can be done during a running game. Daily missions automatically activate every day.
  • Other players can shoot animals in regular missions and let you harvest the animal for the mission completion. This does not work in daily missions.
  • All players have the same regular missions. Daily missions are random and different from player to player.

Streak Progression

DMs come in three difficulty levels:

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Your first DM will always be an easy one. If you complete it, DMs of different difficulty levels will alternate according to a pattern called a cycle. A cycle looks like this:

Daily missions 3.png

A cycle lasts for 16 days, provided that you keep completing the DMs day after day.

Once the first cycle is completed, a new cycle begins with gm$ rewards increased by 10% (Easy = 110 gm$, Medium = 550 gm$, Hard =1100 gm$). With every subsequent cycle, rewards increase by an extra 10% up to a maximum of double the amount of the base rewards (a 100% increase).

For example, if you manage to complete 10 cycles in a row without breaking your streak, you will then receive a x2 reward for each mission, which will continue until you break your streak.

Resume a Broken Streak

A service is available in the store called Resume Daily Missions Streak. See this item here.

This service allows you to resume a broken streak. If you had a long streak of completed DMs and then missed or failed one, you can use this service to resume your streak and continue from your last completed DM.

  • It doesn't matter how much time has passed since you broke your streak, you will always be able to resume it - even if you broke it a year ago.
  • This service can be purchased in advance and activated when needed.
  • There is no limit to how many of these cards you can purchase or own.

When you break a streak a button will appear to the left of your "Day 1" DM, letting you buy a Resume service, or use one that you already purchased before.

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