Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
Eye Spy 100
It Takes Two 200
Scout 300
Barking Up The Wrong Tower 500
Northern Quarter
  • Harvest a Coyote from the Northern Quarter.

Northern Quarter

Bitchin' 900
Lake Coyote?
  • Harvest a Coyote from the Lake (X: -14058, Y: 5389).
1200 This lake is Forest Lake in the North mid section of Whitehart Island.


Bow Wow 1600
Take Down 3500 The big dog actually isn't that big of a male Coyote. He spawns around the Awi'Usdi Stones and starts roaming the area like any other animal.


It may help if you place a tent near the location in order to get there quickly. Walk to the stones, listen for calls and look for tracks on the ground. There can be other coyotes in the same area. If you are using a hunting stand, you can take out multiple coyotes with a silent weapon (e.g. a Bow or Crossbow), which increases you chances for finding the "big dog".