Item in store.png Compound Bow Red Dragon (Oriental)


Built for speed and precision, the Red Dragon, a close cousin in design to the Parker Python, is forgiving, smooth, quiet, and deadly accurate. This bow includes a preinstalled 3 Pin Fiber Optic Sight configured for both short and long range shooting.

Gameplay Features

  • 3-pin sight (20m, 40m, 60m)
  • Shot volume: Very Quiet
  • Power: 60lbs


Arrows compound standard orange 256.png Arrows compound tracer red 256.png Arrows compound valentine red 256.png
Compound Arrows
(Standard Broadhead)
Compound Arrows
(Red Tracer Flare)
Cupid Arrows
(Red Tracer Flare)


Permitted Species

All species can be shot except the Werewolf.

Pin Settings

Mode Pin Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
3-pin Sight
Top Pin 20 ~66
Second Pin 40 ~131
Bottom Pin 60 ~196
Rangefinder Bow Sight
Top Pin 20 ~66
Second Pin 30 ~98
Third Pin (yellow) 40 ~131
Fourth Pin 50 ~164
Bottom Pin 60 ~196


1.5 units *

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