Compound bow pulsar

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The Pulsar is a sleek looking state of the art compound bow. It comes with a stabilizer that makes the bow more stable than other compound bows.

Gameplay Features

  • 3-pin sight (20 m, 40 m, 60 m)
  • Shot volume: Very Quiet
  • Power: Medium (70lbs)



Permitted Species

Pin Settings

Mode Pin Distance (m) Distance (ft.)
3-pin Sight
Top Pin 20 ~66
Second Pin 40 ~131
Bottom Pin 60 ~196
Bow Sight
Top Pin (green) 20 ~66
Second Pin (yellow) 30 ~98
Third Pin (red) 40 ~131
Fourth Pin (yellow) 50 ~164
Bottom Pin (green) 60 ~196


1.5 units *



TheHunter PULSAR First Hunt

TheHunter PULSAR First Hunt

FIRST LOOK - New PULSAR Compound Bow

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