Throughout the reserves you will find different collectables on the ground. There are also collectables that you can find during special events, such as easter eggs during the Easter Event 2013. The Huntermate makes a beep sound when walking over a collectible. Simply click to pick it up. If you are tracking an animal, clicking on the collectible will not interfere with your current tracking effort.

Hunter Score

Finding collectables contributes to a player's Hunter Score. They have three Ranks:

  • Common mushrooms
  • Rare mushrooms
  • Treasures

Types and Locations

All collectables are put on the map when you start a hunting session there. They can be seen within 26m / 85ft. Their locations are completely random. Depending on the reserve, you can find different collectables.


Collectable Whitehart icon
Lp icon
Settler Creeks EW icon
RFF icon2
Hirschfelden icon
TT icon
PB icon
Probability (*)
Common Mushroom
Mushroom common
Mushroom common
Mushroom common
Mushroom common
Mushroom common
Mushroom common
Fly Amanita
Mushroom fly amanita
Mushroom fly amanita
Mushroom fly amanita
Mushroom fly amanita
Mushroom fly amanita
Mushroom fly amanita
Golden Chanterelle
Mushroom golden chanterelle
Mushroom golden chanterelle
King Bolete
Mushroom king bolete
Mushroom king bolete
Mushroom king bolete
Mushroom king bolete
Mushroom king bolete
Mushroom king bolete
Yellow Swamp Russula
Mushroom yellow swamp russula
Mushroom yellow swamp russula
Mushroom yellow swamp russula
Mushroom yellow swamp russula
Mushroom yellow swamp russula

(*) Probability for finding this type of collectible, regardless of reserve.
The numbers in the tables were calculated from over 22'000 collectibles found by players.

Artifacts and other items

Collectable Hemmeldal Icon
Bushrangers run icon
Val-des-bois icon
Rougarou Icon
WR icon
Byzantine Coin Artifact byzantine coin
Norse Pot Artifact norse pot
Old Aboriginal Knife 1 Aboriginal knife 1
Old Aboriginal Knife 2 Aboriginal knife 2
Old Aboriginal Knife 3 Aboriginal knife 3
Ammonite Fossil Ammonite fossil
Eagle Feather Eagle feather
Fossil Shark Tooth Shark tooth
Silver Dollar Silver dollar
Raven Feather Raven feather

Antler Sheds

Shed reddeer antlers

Red Deer antler pair. Picture courtesy of lowby

Any reserve deer can be found, you can count on there being antler sheds. You can find single sheds, or even doubles, and each find is scored via our TruRACS system and logged in a leaderboard. You can find for example a Whitetail Deer antler in the reserve where the Whitetail Deer occurs, or Red Deer antlers in Hirschfelden.

  • You can find an antler either on its own or in pairs.
  • The chance for double antlers is much lower,
  • they appear all over the reserve the animal resides in, not just in the areas where the animals roam.
  • Dual antlers are calculated based on how calculation is done for the antlered animals.
  • Single sheds they have their score cut in half.
  • Shed Antlers are part of the Treasures rank.

A leaderboard shows the best single and paired antlers found by players. You can access these leaderboards here.

Antler sheds leaderboards


First Ever Double Blacktail Antler Sheds

First Ever Double Blacktail Antler Sheds. - Kiwi Style

TheHunter Hunting Game - Shed Antlers

TheHunter Hunting Game - Shed Antlers

Special Collectables

These collectables appear only during special events. They can be found in all reserves. Many of them have a value and count for a trophy that can be won during that event.

Event Picture Collectable Value
April 1st, 2012
Mushroom 1up
1up Mushroom
Easter 2013
Easter egg bronze
Bronze Easter Egg
1 point
Easter egg silver
Silver Easter Egg
5 points
Easter egg gold
Gold Easter Egg
10 points
Halloween Events
Brown Pumpkin
1 point
Yellow Pumpkin
5 points
Orange Pumpkin
10 points
Skull green
Green Skull
1 Skull$
Skull blue
Blue Skull
5 Skull$
Skull red
Red Skull
20 Skull$
Skull purple
Purple Skull
50 Skull$
Skull muertos
Dia de Muertos Skull
100 Skull$
Skull dark
Dark Ritual Skull
666 Skull$
St. Patrick's Day
Pot of gold icon
Pot of Gold
5-10 points
Valentines 2016
Heart balloon hematite
Hematite Valentines Balloon
Heart balloon silver
Silver Valentines Balloon
Heart balloon gold
Gold Valentines Balloon
Valentines 2017
Teddy bear brown
Brown Teddy Bear
Teddy bear red
Red Teddy Bear
Teddy bear silver
Silver Teddy Bear
Valentines 2018
Rose pink
Pink Valentines Rose
Rose white
White Valentines Rose
Rose red
Red Valentines Rose
Christmas 2018
Present green
Green Present
1-100 Present$
Present blue
Blue Present
5-100 Present$
Present red
Red Present
20-100 Present$
Present purple
Purple Present
50-100 Present$
Present silver
Silver Present
100-1000 Present$
Present gold
Gold Present
1000 Present$


Old Aboriginal Knives (Bushrangers Run reserve)

Old aboriginal knives

Ammonite Fossil and Eagle's Feather (Val-des-Bois reserve)

Collectables valdesbois

Orange Pumpkin


Yellow Pumpkin


Brown Pumpkin


Pot of Gold

Pot of gold

Valentines Balloon Gold

Collectable valentines balloon

Valentines Balloon Silver

Collectable valentines balloon silver

Valentines Balloon Hematite

Collectable valentines balloon hematite

Valentines Teddy Bear Red

Collectable valentines teddy red

Valentines Pink Rose

Collectable valentines pink rose

Silver and Golden Easter Eggs

Collectable easter eggs wrr

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