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What is Climbing in theHunter?

Climbing is a game feature that was added with the reserve Val-des-Bois. Climbing is a sort of a minigame and was dictated by the mountain nature of the Val-des-Bois reserve, namely to access certain particularly steep areas in this reserve. The ability to climb comes with special gear and some hazards, naturally associated with this kind of activity.

Why Climbing

When designing a new species for the game, EW strives to add as much unique gameplay around it as possible, preferably inspired by real life characteristics. One of the most distinguishable features of the Alpine Ibex is their ability to scale almost vertical walls. It became clear very soon that this had to be included in the game to make the species justice. This, coupled with the fact that Ibex are not known to respond to any lures, puts the hunter at a great disadvantage. Climbing evens the playing field by allowing agile hunters to follow their prey up even the most difficult slopes while adding an all new type of outdoor experience to the world of theHunter.

Climbing is as much a requirement for hunting Ibex as lures are generally for other species. In other words, it makes it easier but it is not required. Most of the Val-des-Bois reserve, including the high areas where Ibex roam, can be reached by walking and climbing should be viewed more as taking a shortcut than a requirement.

Deployment Limit

The amount of climbing paths that can be deployed in a reserve is only limited by the amount of available deployment spots which in Val-des-Bois is about 20.


You need Climbing Gear to perform relatively safe climbs of vertical cliff walls.


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  • Creates permanent climbing paths
  • Rated for 2 safe falls per climbing session
  • 75% of deployed units are recovered on dismantle

How to deploy

  • Add a couple of Climbing Gear to your field inventory
  • Find a suitable rock wall, look for extruding stones in vertical cliff areas
  • Equip your Climbing Gear & click the Use Item Button (Left Mouse) to deploy
  • Note that deployment cost is dependent on wall with taller walls costing more units

How to climb

  • Walk up to your deployed climbing path & hold the Use Environment button (E) for options
  • Select "Enter"
  • Use the Move Forward & Move Backward buttons (W/S) to move up or down
  • When you see a balance bar use Move Left & Move Right (A/D) to keep the balance arrow centered
  • If the arrow go too far to any edge of the bar you will fall, the first couple of falls in each climbing session are recovered by the rope but eventually the rope breaks which lead to a fatal disagreement with gravity. Note that falling and breaking the rope does not affect the wall. Climbing gear can only be lost through dismantle
  • Once at the other end of the wall press the Use Environment button (E) to exit

How to dismantle

  • Walk up to your deployed climbing path & hold the Use Environment button (E) for options
  • Select "Dismantle"
  • Note that only 75% of deployed climbing gear are recovered on dismantle due to wear & tear


  • If you can't deploy it is likely because you don't carry enough climbing gear.
  • Mastering the balance act of climbing can take a few tries. It's recommended to bring a couple of First Aid Kits or place a tent near your practice wall for quick respawns.
  • Be easy on the keys when balancing, holding too long can tip the scale over to the other side and lead to acceleration towards epic disaster.
  • While you need to focus on the balance bar while climbing don't forget to check for the "exit wall" icon in the right corner of the screen as you approach your destination.


While you are climbing, you can safely fall down two times. This happens when reaching the red zones on the far left and right ends of the balancing bar. After falling a third time, you will drop to the bottom of the rock wall. You will be injured at that point. You will need to either help yourself (or others) using a First Aid Kit, or you need to fast travel to a lodge or Tent.

Climbing Locations

There are a total of 19 locations in Val-des-Bois.

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TheHunter_Climbing_and_Fall_Damage_-_English_with_German_subtitles Video by HooCairs