The Causeway Lodge

Aerial view of The Causeway Lodge with the Clay Pigeon Shooting Range visible to the left and the pistol range to the right


Sunrise at The Causeway Lodge


Whitetail close to The Causeway Lodge.. Note: Distance traveled, this was the start of the hunt

The Causeway Lodge

Tucked into a bay at the north end of Whitehart Island, The Causeway is the entry lodge for all hunters coming into Evergreen Hunting Reserve.

Our shooting range gives you a chance to practice when you land, but hunting is all about getting out in the field and tracking those deer... And Whitehart is a great island to do that, with 8 square miles of forest and mountains just waiting to be explored. Trek hard enough and you might even make it as far as our sister lodge, way down to South Cliff.

The Causeway Lodge is the starting point for most Whitehart Island missions.


Common Prey


360 View


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