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This bow is inspired by the bows made out of driftwood and whale bones by the native peoples of the Arctic. Although it does not use the same materials and it is somewhat larger in size, its construction is faithful to those bows of old. The primitive Cable-Back technology makes the bow less likely to break which gives it more draw weight than the sum of its parts could withstand on their own. Still it is a difficult bow to hunt with that requires expert arrow placement.

Power Tweak and Dev Explanation after the release

"Following the release of the cable-backed bow we’ve been collecting your feedback and sentiments and felt that a short explanation from our game designer might be appropriate. The bow got a lot of critique due to it being too weak. These bows are not so powerful in real life and this is why it was kept at the lower end of the power spectrum. We have now increased it a bit, making it resemble a bow made of modern materials more than traditional materials. However, the cable-backed bow is still primarily to be used at distances of up to 30, perhaps 40 meters. Beyond that range it will lose power quite dramatically. That is, until gravity increases the force of the arrow again. On the way down, the speed of an arrow may increase slightly due to the gravitational pull. Pulling off shots like that is quite difficult but the expert archers out there keep on impressing us with their near impossible long range harvests."



Permitted Species


The Cable-backed Bow has no sights and thus no zero settings.


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NEW Cable-Backed Bow Field Test theHunter 2016

NEW Cable-Backed Bow Field Test theHunter 2016

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