With the amount of available weapons and equipment it is not easy to decide what to spend your em$ or gm$ on.

Use this guide to help you pick and choose what might be best suited to your hunting style

What Rifle Should I Buy?

There are many weapons to choose from, but the choice is especially difficult when it comes to Rifles.

Consider the following criteria when selecting a new rifle:

Criterion Buying Help
Which and how many Sights will fit on this rifle? Sights in the Wiki / Sights in the Store
If I buy a sight, will this fit on other rifles? Sights in the Wiki / Sights in the Store
What reticles of the available sights do I prefer? See Sights.
What is the reload speed? Ask in the forum or watch the video below
Does it have a magazine for faster reloading? See "magazine capacity" for every rifle (on the page of each rifle).
How is the stability when aiming? Ask in the forum or watch videos
Do I like the overall look? Compare here or watch the video below
Which firing sound appeals to me? Watch the video below
Which iron sights appeal to me? Watch the video below
What is the list of ethical animals to kill? See Permitted Ammo.
How much capacity does it take up in my inventory? Compare capacities based on information in the Store
TheHunter Showcasing Rifles 2016 (Animations, Sights & Sounds)

TheHunter Showcasing Rifles 2016 (Animations, Sights & Sounds)

Stand Hunting

Many and one hunter enjoys a quiet time in the stand waiting for animals to pass by. Be ready when they come.

Large equipment blind green 256
Large equipment treestand 256
Large equipment tripod 256
Ghillie jacket summer forest
Comp shortrange
Scent whitetail 256
Ground Blind
Tree Stand
Tripod Stand
Ghillie Suit
Close Range Weapons

Traditional Hunting

Warp back into a time where the clothes were made of leather and fabric, and the weapons of wood. The according equipment is available.

Trapper jacket 256
Dm jacket 256
Arctic jacket traditional
Lever action 4570 buffalo
Muzzleloader 50 256
Long bow 1024
Cable backed bow
Trapper Outfit
Doc Monsignor
Arctic Outfit
Classic Rifles
Cap Lock or
Inline Muzzleloaders
Longbow or Cable-backed Bow

Bow Hunting

Bow hunters claim to be their own guild. Get your hands around the many magnificent bows, and anything else that will be useful for those close bow kills.

Ghillie jacket summer forest
Snakebite bows 150px
Rangefinder bow sight
Recurve bow 256
Long bow 1024
Scent whitetail 256
Ghillie Suit
5-Pin Rangefinder
Bow Sight
Recurve Bow Modern
for fun / challenge
for fun / challenge


Place your baiting stations right into the woods and fields where an abundance of your prey of desire can be found. In combination with a strategic stand placement, you can build a deadly trap.

Large equipment bait barrel 256
Large equipment hog feeder
Large equipment goat feeder
Large equipment blind green 256
Large equipment treestand 256
Large equipment tripod 256
Comp shortrange
Bear Bait Container
Hog Feeder
Goat Mineral Feeder
Ground Blind
Tree Stand
Tripod Stand
Close Range Weapons


Lure those birds down from the skies and be ready for when they come in. Increase your chances by setting your place up with the right equipment.

General Equipment

Labrador retriever foxred female
Basic jacket camo swamp 256
Cowboy hat 01
Shotgun pump 12ga 256
Waterfowling Clothes
Cowboy Hats

Duck Hunting

Waterfowl blind summer swamp camo table 256
Decoy mallard male 256Decoy american black duck male
Northern pintail decoy maleDecoy gadwall male
Caller mallard long range 256
Caller mallard short range 256
Duck caller lanyard
Waterfowl Blind
Swamp Camo
Duck Decoys
Long Range
Short Range
Duck Caller Lanyard

Goose Hunting

Waterfowl blind fall field camo table 256
Waterfowl blind tropical forest camo
Decoy goose active 256
Caller canada goose long range 256
Caller canada goose short range 256
Canada goose flag lure 256
Waterfowl Blind
Fall Field Camo
Waterfowl Blind
Tropical Forest Camo
Canada Goose Decoys
Long Range Callers
Short Range Callers
Flag Lures

Competitive Hunting

You like a competitive style and are constantly on your toes to go after every possible trophy animal? Do not miss a good competition rank due to the lack of the according tools and toys. The many ongoing competitions require you to be fully packed and ready for every animal in the hunting reserve you are in.

Bnc jacket 256
Increased capacity
Shotgun pump 12ga 256
High performance rifles
Caller deer grunt 256
Boone & Crockett,
Trapper or Army Outfit
Increased Capacity
Pump Action Shotgun
Universal weapon for all species except Bison
High Performance Rifles
Crazy Caller Bundle [1]

Long Range Shooting

If you enjoy those really long shots, get the best possible equipment available. That's what the pros do after all.

Large equipment tent orange 256
Large equipment treestand 256
High performance rifles
Scope 5.5-22x56mm
Binoculars rangefinder combo 256
Large equipment bait barrel 256
Tents to fast travel to
Tree Stands to gain height
High Performance Rifles
High Performance Scopes
Rangefinder Binoculars
Baiting Stations
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