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Roosevelt Elk Missions

Doc's peculiar friend "Bull" has reluctantly agreed to reveal innermost secrets of the magnificent Roosevelt Elk, meanwhile strange things are siring in the Elk population.

Getting Hooked - Part 1 Hrm, Bull here. Doc asked me to teach you about Elk. Traitor he is. He knows I hate talking to people. One should stay with the herd I always say, don't socialize with the wolf, the bear or the human... Well, the first step is to see them, that's when you get hooked. Get out there and spot me an Elk!
Getting Hooked - Part 2 While your at it look for tracks too. Find a set and you're almost there...
Getting Hooked - Part 3 Then take it down. Remember they're big creatures, you'll need to use something like a .300 or .30-06 rifle.
Twilight Aria Hrm, I prefer not to take Elk unless I have too... No... It's the arias that attracts me to them. Singing with the beasts as the sun sets... Makes one almost shed a tear or two. It's a privilege what your about to do. Identify a Bull and a Cow call and then return to me.
Renegades Sublime isn't it? I love to hear them sing. A problem though, two of our subjects have left the herd and are now a threat to traffic. If it wasn't my favorite herd I would do it myself... Take two cows then return to me.
6 Points of Madness You really helped me out there... I think... I think that I am almost ready to introduce you to my herd. Not yet though, first you need to take care of a problem for me. A young 6 point Bull, have been running around the Greens attacking travelers. Think he's got some sort of neural disease. Take him down before he hurts someone.
Introductions - Part 1 You got him. Great job! I feel confident enough to introduce you to my herd. You'll have to locate them first though. Shouldn't be that hard. Once you've spotted one fine cow Elk and one dandy bull you've basically found them.
Introductions - Part 2 Just to make sure it's them you should also record some tracks. Identify tracks from 3 different Elk within 5 minutes and send the data to me.
Acceptance Congratulations you've located my herd! There are some fine specimens in it, amongst them a 1000 pound heavy Bull. Unfortunately he is sick and needs to be put down. It has to be done so that the rest of the herd can find a new healthy leader and prosper. I want you to do it for me but first you'll have to prove that you can get close enough to an Elk for a proper clean kill. Harvest an Elk from under 150 feet to prove that you're ready.
Taking Down the King Excellent work. You're ready. It's time for some a change in leadership. All democratic you know, the herd will elect a new leader. We just have to off the current monarch first. Your instructions are simple: Search the Evergreens. Find the King and take him down. He shouldn't be hard to recognize as he weights over 1000 pounds.
Requests & Favors Good work, nice to have that all over with. Now we can leave my herd to find a new leader. You've proven yourself more useful than most humans... Maybe you could help me handle some these annoying requests I keep getting from the locals. Some guy called Max wants a 10 point antler. Care to handle it for me?
Take an Elk from a Tower Really nice... I'm almost tempted to call you friend. You handling that pesky request gave me time to enjoy the arias... Sweet, sweet times... They sent another one though. The association people wants us to cull the population. Just two Elk. Will that small number make a difference? I think not. Anyway we need to handle it so they stop bugging us. Use a tower friend. Another odd request but we'd better heed it.
Lucky 7 I got an invitation for odd competition you may be interested in. It's a fairly complicated arrangement: 7 Elk, taken in order of points. Start off with at least a a 2pt rack, then 4pt, then 6pt all the way up to a 14pt Elk Bull. Don't forget you've got to take them in exactly that order. Happy hunting friend!
In Your Face Not bad, not bad. Seemed like an impossible challenge but you did it! But now it's time for more serious business. Remember that mad 6 pointer? Well, it seems like he wasn't alone. There is another mad Bull out there. I want you to put him down. You need to get real close to notice the madness though. Make sure to take him from less than 50 feet.
Magnum Opus You got him! I think we may have this epidemic under control for now. The EHRCA wants us to do some additional culling just in case though. The target is two does where sighted near our Bull just before you took him. No tower this time but the pencil pushers insist on us using a scoped .44 Magnum Revolver. They didn't say why and I didn't ask. Let's go hunting!
Perfect Your Range With all this madness going i think you should practice your ranged shots. Take down an Elk from 200 feet, with margin of error of 5 feet either way.
Against the Clock... The virus is spreading like wildfire! All EHR Elk hunters have been mobilized to deal with the escalating madness. The standing order is as follows 'When you find a sick Elk, make sure to harvest another one within 5 minutes of the first one.'. Basically we need to kill the sick Elk and the one it possibly just infected. Go Go Go!
Whitehart Missions

Hunter, it is me, Bull. You know I wouldn't contact you unless I really had to, but the Elks on Whitehart Island are disappearing every now and then. I have no idea why but I would like you to find out the reason.

Tracking The Southern Movement I believe the easiest way to investigate this would be to track the elks, divide the island and start in the south.
Tracking The Northern Movement Alright, we got that part mapped out. Check the northern parts now
Removing The Competition It seems as if most of the tracks we found leads toward the middle part of the island. Somewhere between Tower 6 and 12.
Maybe the other animals on the island is scaring them off the northern and southern parts where the lodges are.
Removing The Rest Of The Competition Less to worry about on the northern side. Take a go at the south.
Investigate The Center We should check around the central area to see if the tracks are leading back to the northern and southern parts now.
Caring For The Weak Once more I realize why I love these majestic creatures so much. From the tracks I can see that some of them are very weak, probably sick. They have gathered in the center because there they can tend to them, help them find food and together protect them from other animals. It is a shame but you have to take out the weak ones for the good of the herd. Make it a single clean shot, do not let them suffer.
Making A Safe Return I noticed you found some coyotes out there. Track them and take them down so that they don't disturb the elks.
Check For A Northern Return The elks should have had enough time to return back to their northern parts. Make sure they have arrived put the weak ones out of their misery if there is anyone left.
Check For A Southern Return Enough time has passed for them to have reached the southern parts as well. Do the same thing there.
Patrol The Island It is soothing to see that they are back to normal. I would really appreciate it if you go through the island once more. Take out some of the other animals and make one last check to see if any weak elks are still out there.


Bull's Single Shot Challenge
Bull, Doc's introvert friend, is a man of few words, and even fewer bullets. This time he's challenging you to take down the biggest Roosevelt Elk bull you can with a single shot.

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