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Whitehart Missions

Buck Wavetrotter, world renowned traveler and writer needs your help in mapping out Whitehart Island for his latest endeavour; 'A Hikers Guide to the Evergreens'.

Sightseer Dear hunter, my name is Jane Potter, assistant to Mr. Buck Wavetrotter. You may have heard of Mr. Wavetrotter, basically he's a world renowned traveler that writes books and such. Thing is... he don't. Well travel he does, mostly to the local pub, but most of the time he's usually too 'happy' to even spell his own name, let alone write a whole novel. Well anyway I... We need your help. The publisher has asked Mr. Wavetrotter to write a book about the Evergreens he of course agreed, being in financial pickle as we are. The problem though is that we're situated in Yorkshire, UK and can't afford going overseas with Buck wisely... 'investing' all our money in the pub. If you want to help us out we would be really grateful. It's a simple request really, just visit Boulder Pass, the Awi'Usdi Stones and Forest Lake in one hunt and let tell us all about it. You'll get some sort of compensation of course.
North to South Jane here, that story you told me about the stones was amazing! It's going straight down into the pages. Whitehart Island... It sounds like such a fantastic place. I think we can do another chapter about it, heck why not base the whole book there? Ready for another trip? Imagine an epic single season journey starting at the Causeway Lodge and ending all the way down at the Southcliff Lodge. Provide me with the factual details and I'll spice it up with some juicy details. Mind you, nothing too far from the truth. Just a little almost-eaten-by-bears, saving-the-local-barmaid then riding-into the-sunset' sort of action...
The Campsite It's your favorite wri.. assistant Jane! Great job mate, that trip covered the whole island! Sounds like it was so much work... Unfortunately I had to throw most of it away. But, mind you, that's how showbiz works. But now we need some romance by the fire! Care to hike to the Campsite for me?
There and Back Again It's Jane! I have great news. The book is almost finished! Mr. Wavetrotter sobered up for a sec and read it. He's really impressed! We need a proper heroic ending though. A final epic journey filled with all kinds of nasty hardship. OK, so imagine yourself fighting your way from the Causeway Lodge all the way down to South Cliff Lodge just to find out that your barmaid friend has been taken by wolfs back at the Causeway, threatening to eat her as soon as it gets dark! You then rush back up north and save her and just in time for supper. Great isn't it? Mind you, this is still a documentary arrangement. I need you to go out there and prove that you can travel from the Causeway down to Southcliff and back again in a single session. Go struggle for factual showbiz!

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