Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
The Comeback Kid 100
Head Count 200
Southpaw 300
Heavy Hitter
  • Harvest a Brown Bear weighing at least 300 kg (approx. 661 lbs).
Slugger 600
Bad News Bears 800
Far-fetched 1000
Biologist Schmiologist 1200
This All Sounds Awfully Familiar 1800
We Woke Up The Mama 3600 Brown bear mission 10 hint
  • From Koppartorp Lodge walk towards the graveyard south-east.
  • Crouch when coming close, and look for a track in the middle of the ancient rocks.
  • Follow the tracks and spot ahead. Goldilocks won't be far.
  • She will not necessarily be a Gold variant of the brown bear species, so don't just look out for a golden bear.