Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
Every Mewment Counts 100 Possible location: Southern island, there is an open field just north of the narrow part. Mount a treestand and call. When a bobcat appears, spot it. Then shoot it, but read its tracks first to complete the mission. Do not harvest it yet.
Can Somebody Paw-lease Give This Man a Bobcat? 200 Activate this mission before harvesting the bobcat from above.
Meow-sicians in Logger's Point 300 Bobcat mission lp campsites.png

It is possible to fast travel to these campsites. It is however advisable to walk and get that call on the way.

Find All the Purrpetrators 400
In Pursuit of Purrfection 600 The objectives have to be met in the same hunt. To achieve 100% you may use
Cathletic Cats by the Creeks 800 Look north of the Highland lodge. When you have a sign of a bobcat (call, nearby tracks), mount the treestand and call.
Everything Looking Paw-sitive 1000
Endless Paw-sibilities 1200 Bobcat mission rb riverhead landing.png

Avoid the swamps. There are less cats and stalking is more difficult.

Run, Bobcat, Run!
  • Harvest a male Bobcat with a score of 8 or higher at 100% Harvest Value while it's fleeing.
1800 Use the middle tower of Logger's Point. Call a bobcat in. You can shoot it fleeing in all directions from there. Use the .243 Bolt Action Rifle. Slightly lead the shot.
The El Bobogato Ceremony
  • Harvest two Bobcats within 5 minutes of each harvest.
3600 Do not collect the first shot bobcat but rather wait until you have shot a second. Then harvest both within 5 minutes.
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