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The bobcat (Lynx rufus) is a North American cat. Containing 12 recognized subspecies, it ranges from southern Canada to central Mexico, including most of the contiguous United States. The bobcat is an adaptable predator that inhabits wooded areas, as well as semidesert, urban edge, forest edge, and swampland environments. It is about twice as large as the domestic cat. It has distinctive black bars on its forelegs and a black-tipped, stubby tail, from which it derives its name. Though the bobcat prefers rabbits and hares, it hunts insects, chickens, geese and other birds, small rodents, and deer. Like most cats, the bobcat is territorial and largely solitary, although with some overlap in home ranges.

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Electronic caller shockwave.png Electronic caller usb bobcat.png Caller predator jackrabbit 256.png Decoy motion predator doubletail.png Decoy motion predator rabbit.png Scent bobcat.png
Electronic Caller
with Bobcat USB stick
Motion Predator
Decoy "Double Tail"
Motion Predator
Decoy "Rabbit"
Urine Spray
Effective up to 220m 100m View range View range 150m


The bobcat...

  • is a threat to Whitetail, Mule Deer, Pheasant, Cottontail and Turkey. This will cause the specified animals to trot away.
  • tends to be in forests.
  • rarely falls asleep.
  • is more scared than foxes.
  • has a low chance of calling.
  • has very quiet footstep sounds
  • is attracted to the E-Caller up to 220m. This caller has the highest attraction chance from all the lures.
  • is attracted to the Predator "Jackrabbit" Caller up to 100m.
  • is attracted to the Motion Predator Decoy as soon as it sees it.
  • is scored based on skull width and height (in inches).
  • travels alone but in rare cases a male and a female can travel together.
  • does not
    • climb trees
    • chase any other animals
    • attack the hunter
    • swim


Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
Every Mewment Counts 100 Possible location: Southern island, there is an open field just north of the narrow part. Mount a treestand and call. When a bobcat appears, spot it. Then shoot it, but read its tracks first to complete the mission. Do not harvest it yet.
Can Somebody Paw-lease Give This Man a Bobcat? 200 Activate this mission before harvesting the bobcat from above.
Meow-sicians in Logger's Point 300 Bobcat mission lp campsites.png

It is possible to fast travel to these campsites. It is however advisable to walk and get that call on the way.

Find All the Purrpetrators 400
In Pursuit of Purrfection 600
Cathletic Cats by the Creeks 800 Look north of the Highland lodge. When you have a sign of a bobcat (call, nearby tracks), mount the treestand and call.
Everything Looking Paw-sitive 1000
Endless Paw-sibilities
  • Head over to Riverhead Landing in Rougarou Bayou.
  • Once at Riverhead Landing, harvest an unspooked Bobcat with a score of 8 or lower in Rougarou Bayou.
  • Once at Riverhead Landing, harvest an unspooked Bobcat with a score of 8 or higher in Rougarou Bayou.
1200 Bobcat mission rb riverhead landing.png

Avoid the swamps. There are less cats and stalking is more difficult.

Run, Bobcat, Run!
  • Harvest a male Bobcat with a score of 8 or higher at 100% Harvest Value while it's fleeing.
1800 Use the middle tower of Logger's Point. Call a bobcat in. You can shoot it fleeing in all directions from there. Use the .243 Bolt Action Rifle. Slightly lead the shot.
The El Bobogato Ceremony
  • Harvest two Bobcats within 5 minutes of each harvest.
3600 Do not collect the first shot bobcat but rather wait until you have shot a second. Then harvest both within 5 minutes.

Permitted Ammunition

Arrows compound standard orange 256.png
Crossbow pistol bolts standard.png
Balls lead 50 256.png
.50 Ball
Cartridges 7mm-08 hv.png
7-08 HV
Cartridges 243 256.png
Cartridges 223 256.png
Cartridges 17 hmr hv.png
Cartridges 357 256.png
Shells 10ga buckshot.png
10ga Buck
Shells 12ga buckshot 256.png
12ga Buck
Shells 16ga buckshot.png
16ga Buck

See full list here.



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