Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
What We Do For Science
  • ID a droppings track from a Black Bear.
  • ID a droppings track from another Black Bear in the same hunt.
  • ID a droppings track from another Black Bear in the same hunt.
100 Despite the description pointing to Redfeather Falls, you can complete this mission in any reserve that holds Black Bears.
Mercy Cull 200 Any male Black Bear with Chocolate fur variation will complete this mission. It is not a specific animal or in a specific place.
Coat of Many Colors 300
Swamp Thing
  • Harvest a Black Bear on the mysterious island (x: -13582, y: -3293) west of the swamp.
400 The bear is on "Bearmuda Island" just north of the shipwreck.

Swamp thing location.png

Bear Hug
  • Harvest a Black Bear weighing less than 100kg (approx. 220lbs.) from less than 30m (approx. 99ft.).
Aftershock 800
Lead N Fur
  • Harvest a Black Bear scoring at least 20 using a slug from more than 50m (approx. 164ft.).
Bloodlust 1200
Getting Closer 1800
Illegally Blonde
  • Harvest the angry blond Black Bear in the northwest corner (x: -12614, y: -6282).
3600 The bear will spawn and roam around. Consider placing a tent nearby, so you should find its tracks soon enough. The location where you end up shooting the bear does not matter as long as you harvest the correct blonde black bear

Illegally blonde location.png

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