Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
Source of the Problem 100
Retribution Will Follow 200
Tipping the Scales
  • Harvest a Banteng with a weight of at least 600 kg (approx. 1323 lbs).
  • Harvest another Banteng but with a weight of at least 700 kg (approx. 1543 lbs).
  • Visit Saint Pauli's Lighthouse (X: 7.553, Y: 8.725) in Piccabeen Bay.
  • Then, harvest an unspooked Banteng with a score of 135 or higher in the same hunt.
400 Pb lighthouse
Revenge Will be Swift
  • Harvest two Banteng within 10 minutes of each harvest.
600 Shoot one banteng but do not harvest it. Shoot another one, harvest it and return to the first one to harvest within 10 minutes.
Restoring Peace and Order 800
High on Caffeine
  • Then, harvest another Banteng from a distance of 70 meters (Approx. 230 feet) or further with one shot.
The High Ground and Low Ground 1200
Hired Mercenaries
  • First, harvest a charging Water Buffalo from any distance under 15 meters (Approx. 49 feet).
  • Then, harvest another charging Water Buffalo from any distance under 15 meters (Approx. 49 feet) in the same hunt.
Boss Banteng
  • Harvest the male "Boss Banteng" by the easternmost island in the swamps of Piccabeen Bay (X: 7.539, Y: 8.299) with one shot.
3600 Pb boss banteng
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