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Most animals in the game spawn at the beginning of the game and stay within the reserve for the duration of the entire hunting session. Certain animals however underlie the AI of migration.

Migration was added to the game on August 28, 2014, along with the first migration species Reindeer.

Migration Facts

  • Most animals start unspawned outside the map, then the randomly spawned herds travel across the reserve.
  • Migrating herds cross the borders, move across the reserve and cross the border again, leaving the reserve.
  • Migrating animals are always on the move, stopping only to feed. This will make spotting and stalking easier if players cooperate.
    • By helping each other, players can pinpoint the animals and relay the information to other players.
  • Similar to the waterfowl
    • some animals will spawn on the map at the start
    • animals that leave the map will be reused for other spawns during the game
  • There can be single animals here and there, but the majority will roam in groups.
  • If an animal is shot, it will be removed from the migration AI and stay on the map. The migratory behavior gets cancelled to prevent it from being out of reach for the hunter.
  • Animals cannot be shot outside the border, so that they are not lost to the migration AI. It is not possible to shoot animals
    • when animals approach the border from the outside and have not yet entered the reserve
    • when animals leave the reserve and have crossed the border
  • After an animal has left the reserve, all tracks from this animal are removed from the map.

Migrating Animals