Mission Objectives Gm$ Hints
Above all Summits, it is Calm 100
The Former Bear Biologist Who Stares at Goats 200
Joy of Life 300
Mountain Hooligans 400
The Sound of a Goat in a Room 600
It's Oh So Quiet
  • Register an audio clue of ANY animal.
  • Harvest an Alpine Ibex in the same hunt to blame it for making the noise.
Blame Science 1000 The distances must be reached in the order they are listed. Even if your first kill is under 30 meter, the 60 meter objective will be completed.
Goats Blood 1200
Again With the Bears 1800 It is only required to shoot one bear to complete this mission. After you kill the first bear a message appears:

Hey, stop what you are doing! Don’t kill any bears! This is General Major Petersen, president of the EHRCA, speaking. Rodriguez escaped the institution and once again planned to take out all things ursine. You report at my office as soon as you can. This thing is not over yet.

Taking Down the Bearkiller Goat 3600 Devils teapot