• Missions can be activated on the website or in the launcher.
  • You can activated the first mission of every mission pack.
  • Subsequent missions will unlock as you complete the previous ones.
  • When completing a mission, you can activate the next in line while still playing.
    • No need to leave the game.
    • Switch to the website or launcher and refresh.
    • Refresh the website with F5.
    • Refresh the launcher by clicking on theHunter logo in the upper left.


Step 1: To activate a mission click on MISSIONS


Step 2: In the Available section you will find the missions that are ready to be activated.


Step 3: Click on the left arrow and the mission objective will open. At the bottom of the objective click on the Activate Mission button.


Step 4: Once you have activated a mission it will then appear in the Active section.


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