7mm-08 Scout Bolt Action Rifle

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7mm-08 Scout Bolt Action Rifle Elite

7mm-08 Scout Bolt Action Rifle (Elite)

Cartridges 7mm-08 hp

7mm-08 Ammunition (HP)

Cartridges 7mm-08 hv

7mm-08 Ammunition (HV)


This lightweight and compact, modern-looking scout rifle offers the best in terms of versatility and power. It features a flush-mount 5 shot polymer magazine as well as an intergral bipod which provides more stability for shots on flat terrain. Chambered in 7mm-08, this rifle will prove to be reliable in almost any situation.

Gameplay Characteristics:

  • The bipod can only be used while prone. It automatically unfolds when aiming.
  • Features two types of 7mm-08 ammunition. "High Velocity" which can be used for long straight shots and "High Power" which packs a serious punch at closer ranges.



Permitted Species

HP (High Power) Version

HV (High Velocity) Version

Inventory Capacity

3.0 units*

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